They're So Beautiful

I've been attracted to girls since I was really little. It dates back to being about 9 and I found a ***** mag and just stared at the women.
I've never really been open about it until now. I don't care who knows. But I am not a lesbian. I feel that all that matters is the personality. It's harder to love a man. I mean sure its easy to like them but I just can't seem to fall easily. The only man I've been with and actually fell in love with was my ex-fiance. (And i left him for a girl more than three times.) I live far from him now and my dad is really supportive when my mother never was. I don't know how to deal with my obsession over women.
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

some times its hard, i have a similar story with looking at bros **** when i was a teenager and now am totally in love with breasts, am bi curious, in a nonsexual relationship right now and really getting more curious.............

Go for it,its true life is short have fun.xoxo:)

Go for it enjoy life,it's to short

It's great that you are able to be honest with not only yourself but others as well (I haven't made it to the be honest with others part) I feel you should continue to do what you want, just go for it full force if you wanna be with a chick, be with one, if you wanna have sex do it. Haha I'm working on taking my own advice right now so we'll see how it goes for the both of us yea?

Wonderful. I'm open to both genders, and J. asked me out today.