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I grew up in a small town in Indiana. From a very young age I can remember looking at women and thinking "wow she's really cute" or "i'd love to talk to her". I have grown up in a very conservative family where I was taught that being gay/lesbian is wrong. My parents are so against gays that they won't even watch Ellen because they say it's sickening. This upsets me soooooo much because I have tried and tried to change and like men, but I can't. Not in the same way I like women. I have had plenty of boyfriends (all very nice guys) and still have never fallen in love with one. When I'm with them, girls are on my mind. I'd never tell any of my friends or family though, for fear of losing all of them and being shunned. I wish I had someone who understood what I'm going through.
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3 Responses Nov 24, 2012

I understand what you are going through. Being out in a conservative christain family isn't easy, but they are your family. Either they surprise you and still tell you they love you, or they will not. You're still the person they raised, and you are beautiful just as you are, don't let them change you. Don't let fear of rejection keep you from shining. There is a whole community here that will gladly embrace you in loving arms.

Unfortunately you cannot change your families views anymore than they can change your sexuality. Do not live your life for anyone but yourself because you will be so much happier being honest with yourself and others. I know how hard that must be to face losing people and one day I hope that you have the strength to be open about who you are because you deserve true happiness.

I am sorry your family makes it so hard for you to be who you are one day you will find someone who will give you the strength to e who you are