I Wonder When A Girl Will Like Me

I had this beautiful best friend that I just love to spend time with, it started like that and slowly I started to fall for her, the thing is I did not know if she liked me. I was so eager to tell her what I was feeling, either way we hung out for a few months later and then I could not hold on any longer, after she told me she a story of guy who dumped her and she felt she wasn't good enough, I had enough of it and had the guts to tell her, the thing is she went into a deep silence almost like she did not want hear that and told me with a straight face that she did not feel the same way. I felt devastated, after that event we slowly talked less on her part because what I feared happened, she did not want to hang out anymore, I knew she though it would be awkward but I wondered the strength of the friendship we had. Anyway nowadays we rarely see each other and much less talk. I dated other girls after that but all them ended in failure for me, looking back at at my experiences in the dating world, I just wonder if any girl would want a guy like me.
Leingod189 Leingod189
18-21, M
Jul 10, 2010