The Ultimate Thick-muscular, Tomboy...

because I said it many times in some comment, left at different stories on EP,
I like to write it out at full, with a magnificent example added to it.
I go for truely boyish , or heavenly tomboyish, or uncompromised muscular girls/woman only.
Just ONE problem with that, right where I am living : they are an astonishingly RARITY ..... 
.... perhaps, it's like that everywhere ? I don't know. I just know I suspect the USA has much higher % of real tomboys then Europe. Most confessions about being a tomboy are american (everywhere & ever accross the internet, just as far as I can see, of coarse), and when it comes to sheer muscle girls, then it seems it's even more typical. 
Now, all right, they EXIST everywhere, but believe me, it's quite difficult to get aquainted with one, if there is not more then one in a hundred all around, you see? Statistics, ahhhggghhh...    ... let alone the most wonderfull combination of both muscular & tomboy...

When I express my attraction to muscular girls, the ever stupid attack-question popps up : "so, you're into bodybuilders? You're sick, they are gross".
First of all...  bodybuilding is NOT a synonym of being muscular. Bodybuilding is a total time consuming (top)sport, and as such often leding to social isolation. I cannot see what is attractive in dating a person, who will NEVER have time to see you !!?? ... and whose total living environment is restricted to the 4 walls of a gym !???  Now, THAT to me is what I call disgusting : it's not the so called gross muscularity, but it is the social self emprisonment, that is disgusting, on a HUMAN relationship level !  They cannot interact at all in the "free outside world". As they are always competing & comparing, they only see other bodybuilders in whatever way. I guess, the bodybuilding world is nothing more then 0.01% of world population, so... YES they fit within the restraints of 4 walls....  
If a girl or woman is very muscular for whatever reason, however is socially standing, working, playing and interacting in full life, nothing can be more beautifull to me.  Comes in the other major obstacle, of coarse...  would she enjoy the friendship with the little guy ? ... still statistics play tricks on this one, isn't it !??  I guess however, we allready are at a level of something between 1-5% of world population, instead of 0.01%... ...and if not discriminatory, some 10-15% would come in as much stronger then avarage, without being top muscular.  WOW, what a large choice. JOKING !!!

Why I crave so much friendship from a muscular girl?  That is the question I get fired to my head most often "Why"...  Well, Why does someone loves pizza with artichoke harts above all? Why does someone prefer turquoise and not greenish yellow? Why does someone adores maths over languages?  Why, why, why...  can we please STOP asking those irritating "why's" (so irritating because, if you're honest you can't answer those, unless you fake a "reason" on purpose of getting the people just stop asking...), and get straight to the only point that matters, namely HOW !???  
Yes, we can answer that one !
How I see happening a true friendship from a muscular girl?
Well, I have been born as a hyper tactile person, so everything experienced "positive" with me,  is about direct touch & grip.  By receiving a fabulous handshake. By hugging often, intensely, long and as powerfull (not cuddle but squeeze !) as possible. By intertwining & locking legs and arms tightly while talking.  By any kind of lovely direct contact strenght meetings in general. Like receiving real bearhugs, being lifted and carried in whatever funny way...  The very language of physical strenght-embracing, is quite unknow by most people, perhaps even feared by many.  However, it's not un-existant.  No, it is not !

So, if I long for the muscular strong girl, I effectively long for the kind of girl who is super tactile as well and always ready to show off her strenght as a word-less communicative into friendship. It also means, the girl who "pumps iron" but is allergic of touching people has NOTHING to offer to me, even if she is the most muscled champion in the world. I am not build of dead-&-cold metal, I am 36.5°C living flesh.   
Guess what !???  Best date circumstance I am able to imagine?  That would be the girl walking up to me, shake my hand with crunchy power, then look at me with boyish frankness saying : "I looked at you from a distance, well I like you !  Do you like a STRONG mate !?  Then just jump on my back, I'll carry you on a hike MY style, then tell me if you get a crunch on me !"
Well, that's my fantasy on what a very direct, (tom)boyish muscular girl WOULD do, if she picked me favorite in her viewrange...
Yes, I admit I love that "boyish" aspect as well :  SHE being the one who is the hunter...

I ONCE came over such a hunter tomboy muscular appearance. 
It is about 26 years ago.   I want to share the story. 
The actual meeting was VERY short, (Less then 10 minutes I remember, and in line with this groups theme : "I'm attracted to people I can't have", as it lead nowhere.  I still CRAVE the missed opportunity, as she was everything I ever could image... 

Here it goes:
It was clearly before internet times.
After a long period of not being very brave, I noted down my ultimate dream on a girl on a short advertisement note, including humour, to be sticked at the general messages board of the university sports center in the city where I lived and worked at that moment.  It was nothing more that 10 lines on a piece of paper, telling a bit who I was, and explaining my hunter-tomboy-muscular type girl desire, in a bit more words.
Interesting to know.... life was still simple & unaware of dangers, ... it actually included my address.

Over a period of some 2 weeks, I got a couple of letters. One telling "I am sportive, but what do you really want"? , the other dealing with "You need to do sports and build muscle yourself, hahaha". So, Nothing usefull.
I was working in my own streetside office, located in a very silent street. Summertime, and I used to work with the frontdoor open, in case of hot weather. On such a day, 2 weeks after I pinned the ad at the board, there was that girl appearing in my open door. She arrived on a mountain bike, I saw her in a glimpse bumping up the footpath, then seconds after she stood there in the doorway... 
She looked in, smiled holding her head tilted and said:  "You are XXX !?" (My name) Not quite a question, she directly wanted confirmation. I said "Eh, YES !" She replied: "I read that ad, it's funny, it fits me, but I don't like writing, it's a waste of time, so I drove down here." Then, without waiting and without asking her, she told me all the sports she did, that she was in her last year on university doing a master in sport training sciences, and that she loved "speed".
I was ashtonished, both by her unbelievable directness and by her appearance. About being a tomboy, no doubths about that, she was all boy except for still having the "biological signs of actually being female". It's not easy to describe her appearance correctly. She had my height, perhaps an inch taller. I was VERY slender and light at the moment (kind of a 'zero-fat boy') and I guessed she was outweighing me with at least 25kg (well 60 lbs that is) on a visible near to zero-fat level AS WELL, for good understanding !!!  She was in stretch biking shorts  and all stretch shirt. Her muscularity was hidden nowhere.  She did shake hands, and I felt my hand crushed, (heared and felt that knuckel jumping sound...  ) , and she just released power instantly but went shaking on, when obviously feeling it as well in my hand. So, she combined limitless & effortless muscular power WITH sensibility. WoW.. 
She did not have a kind of a bumpy bodybuilders shape however, nor "sharply toned".  It was more like one continuous, totally fluent thick muscular body, both totally smooth & veinless, but visibly hard as rock.  Her biceps were a fluent massive rounded and her legs were more then double in muscle mass then mine.
She gave me her address, and she like to know if I liked speed as well. She left with a  "Bye, we'll see ! "

Thereafter, there was one little letter from her, dropped in my box one day, telling she really wanted to experiece the joy of tough sports activities with a beloved someone.
Then, there was a 2nd and last letter, a one liner, by post (!!), this time, saying "Sorry XXX, I found my crush".  Oh... she was polite as well as a non-writer... 

That was my foremost exciting face-to-face encounter, that I couldn't have.....   
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I gave you a "me too" but let me clarify. My situation was a little different. I had been into muscular type girls for a long time, my girl friend found some of my hidden stash, pictures, internet searches, if you know what I mean? I was embarrassed because I hadn't really revealed my secret to anyone. But my first attraction to her was her athleticism. No she was no bodybuilder, but she wasn't close minded. I would say we were pretty much equal in strength but that all seemed to end when we got into the gym. Not at first but I didn't have the free time like she had, I had to work, she lived at home and had time for the gym. She finally told me she had always wanted to try it because she had been told by close acquaintances that she had what it takes and certainly wasn't going to discourage that.

I can't say I wasn't happy but something happens to girls when they get as curious about their abilities. After reading one of her work outs one day while snooping around her ipad, she had left conveniently for me to see. I really got turned on. I have been in the gym so I knew right away WOW she is really getting strong. So that peaked my interest just as much as it peaked hers. Okay, long story short, both our curiosity led us to what you would call a show down, test of strength.

To my chagrin that was a challenge I shouldn't have taken. The problem with the physical roll reversal, is women don't know where to stop once they realize they got the upper hand. Sex was great but eventually it ended up more like bullying. So you may want to think about a real relationship seriously. For me it's over, I couldn't handle it. Yeah people asked me why we broke up especially my parents. That's the kicker, how do you respond? Only a guy like you can understand it. I'm just letting you know you might not want to get what you dream for. By the way the Tomboyish muscular types are as rare as guys like us. My first girl friend was a tomboy in the 6th grade.