Tired Of It

the past 2 guys i went out with both were seing people and didn't tell me. i haven't been in a relationship since the last one cause after him i just felt so used and i hated that feeling of being hidden and being someone's 'second hand' girl. but now it seems there's no one cause no one i like is single or i just can't have them. there was a guy i liked that but i got really busy and we got too distant and now he's moved away so i left it too late. then i met this amazing guy the other day that someone i knew introduced me too and he was just awesome but now i don't have any way to contact him. the other thing is that i kinda have a hidden crush on my best friend but we've been best friends for so long that it would just be too weird and apart form that i'm always too busy and the guys i hang around with at my stunt team or acting classes are either a couple years younger than me or in their twenties and taken. i'm just so unlucky!
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

i know how you feel about liking your best friends but it being weird.. im not really dating either. fortunately none of my bf (that i kno hav) cheated on me, but i must confess i have cheated on a couple...maybe karma will come back to me lol but good luck!