What's a Girl Do?

I am attracted to men I cannot have. This fact does not seem likely to change. They are always too old or married or way out of my league, physically or intellectually.

And if attraction happens to mutual for once, they end up moving away. It happened to me twice... in the same year! The first one moved to New Jersey and the second moved to China. China! Seriously... 



ArabellaBlythe ArabellaBlythe
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7 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Yeah. Seems like everyone is pairing off with anyone else. I haven't seen a relationship that wasn't dysfunctional in a while.<br />
Really? From the little I know about you, it doesn't seem like you would have a problem. As for being outside the norm of behavior or looks - take comfort in the fact you're not alone.

It's sad, but Maul is right. on top of that, a lot of people in today's world seem to go into relationships that are abusive or are doomed to fail from the get-go. <br />
I myself have a very hard time getting into a relationship. Finding someone is hard, especially when you are outside of the norm of behavior or looks. Plus being a nerd tends to hurt your chances too.

Oh. I think that's more common than you think. Still though, it's cute.<br />
<br />
I actually know which one your talking about...I think her name was Buttercup. She was my favorite Powerpuff, I mean she hauled serious ***!<br />
<br />
Yeah, I agree. It sucks. I don't want to capture a guy, I'm gonna put anyone on a ball and chain. I just want to hold someone's hand...<br />
<br />
I never thought about a guy's perspective...I am sorry.

You want a hilarious story - when I was younger I had a crush on one of the Powerpuff Girls. <br><br />
I am deadly serious. <br><br />
<br><br />
It was the dark-haired one, the tomboy Powerpuff girl. <br><br />
Heh.<br />
<br />
Seriously though, I too have been struggling to find lovin' but its quite difficult to come by. Especially when you are looking for it, since for some reason people have an automatic reflex to steer away from those actually SEEKING a relationship. Weird but apparently true. <br />
<br />
Its tough being a guy and having such strong sexual urges...feel thankful that you don't get those at least!

I felt the same way...but I think I was looking in the wrong place. Can find love where you dont expect it. I accidently and reluctantly started seeing this guy and its honestly the best man I have ever been with.<br />
Unexpectedly interesting and witty.<br />
Something will come. Just takes a while......feels like AGES though.

Your luck isn't all that good. Law of averages pretty well gives you better chances as time goes by. I can feel things comin' just around the corner. When you almost least expect it.

T.T That's sad. Not sure if it really counts, but I kinda know how you feel, as all the guys I'm attracted to are video game characters, so they're equally unattainable. XD