Her Brother, the Jock, and the Guys I'll Never See Anyway.

For maybe a year and a half, I've been attracted to the Jock of the school. He is in my year, in my classes and everything- he sits in front of me too. He knows I like him. In fact he's known ever since I first told my friends, which was ages ago. I don't think he likes me. Or he would have asked me out by now right? But he does make a point in maths of looking at me. My friends notice it too. He's very shy, and rarely talks, unless it's with his friends. Which is very cute x But I can't be with him anyway- my friends would tease me forever about it! 

For a couple of months I've been attracted to my best friends brother- which would be wrong on a number of levels. Hes half the size of me, no matter how cute he is. He's almost 2 years younger than me. He already has his mini-girlfriend, and is in no way interested in me. Plus- my friends brother!!!! That's NOT right.

And for at most half a year, to 2 months at least, I've liked 3 guys I will never see ever. The boy who lives near my friends house (the friends house, I never ever on any circumstances (unless its for party's ) go to ANYWAY) called Jack who said he fell in love with me an hour after meeting me. The boy who I met in ikea, who was incredibly cute, said he thought I was cute, and gave me a kiss *swoon* and the boy who i didn't really meet, but who saw me looking at him, winked, and showed off on his skateboard for me who I thought was beyond "Whoa." 

Im fed up of liking all these boys. But I can't help it, because they are all so cute! Jack, and the Jock from my school, both look the same anyway, but Jack talked to me- much much more- in an hour, than Aidan has to me... in a year. o.O Why are some boys just sooo cute?!!!!

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Because they are born that way. LOLZ