Older Men Are Hot!

Men in their mid  to late 30s who have a drive to suceed in life or already have.  I dream of meetint he perfect guy who i smart, serious, funny, well off, and ready to settle down. I have been in a realtion ship with my guy for over 2 years and hes said from the beggining that he wants to marry me.. However it isnt going to happen- i ready now and he simply is not. Is this the same with all older men - he isnt the first older guy i have dated, but it is like they are trying tokeep from ever getting married, but want that long term relationship. Older men are great they know how to *k great, amazing kissers, they are very good at evrything cause they have had so much experiance, but that is also a bad thing. I hurt i want out i want to find a man who really wants to seal the deal and move forward with me, not constantly trying to pick fights when he thinks im getting to the point of wanting marrage.

madusagreekgod madusagreekgod
26-30, F
Jun 14, 2007