Yes I am.
But not nessasarily psychical strength. 
There have been many times when I have been attracted to someone who was more braver and stronger than myself. 
Almost bad-boyish. Boys that are somewhat courageous yet loud. 
But I generally get along very well with meek and introverted sorts. A little bit of psychical strength is always good.
But, to be honest, I am attracted to emotional strength more.
I have also had alot of crushes on older men too. I think that's messed up, but I'm told it's not.
I've also been known to get along very well with 'gamer' boys. Sorry about all the labels, but how else am I too elaborate?
As I was saying, I get along very well with those fun boys who love games, haha. I attract those boys right away and make them come out of their shell very quickly. I usually make very good friends with them.
Infact, Boys usually feel very comfortable around me in general. Not like I associate with any at school, but I have a few 'friends' out of school. 
We usually playfight and tease eachother, and I spar with a boy in particular. Since I do karate, we'll battle it out on the front lawn and my BFF will too.
Then we'll have an all out battle where me and my BFF are trying to kick her brother and cousin's ***! So fun!!
The last time that we sparred, we used nun-chucks! Pretty bad-***, haha :D

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Lol, you are fine, there isn't anything wrong with those type of crushes, I am a big video game pla<x>yer lol.

Yeah, lol. Haha, gamer boys are fun! :P

Yay lol :P

Haha :D