I Love Them :)

Yep, I am attracted to the heiresses like Paris Hilton, Amanda and Lydia Hearst, Holly Branson. All are billiionairs and darn beautiful. and for me, they don't even have to be beautiful. their money is enough to attract me. How can someone be so rich and powerrul? I can't believe that some people are living such life.

That kind of life would be truly awesome, Life of dreams. How would it feel to have purchasing power to buy anything in this world? only they can live the life to the fullest. Everyine says, Paris is dumb, blonde heiress but we can't forget that she is rich beyond our wildest dreams. No onder she says, Live everyday like it's your birthday''  
Paris Hilton

Amanda Hearst

Dylan Lauren

Holly Branson

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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

@flowers- yes, that's true. they can never be sure if they have found true love. but still their life is something that everyone would want to live. and yeah, money attracts the vultures (like me lo0l). I am so broke that anyone with money seems god to me. lol

lol, if we are not using their money, why marry them? that would be a real pain. lol. if money is not the problem then there are lots of other girls. dylan lauren is a daughter of some billionaire industrailist. I forgot his name.