They Just Turn Me On!

after i broke up with my ex i started dating guys that were 100% thug. My last thug boyfriend sold drugs, stole cars, had tatoo's everywhere  and best of all had his tounge pierced! I dont know why but the very sight of him turned me on. It's just something about a man that is rough all around that i 'am fataly attracted to!  everytime i see a fine man with that g swagger i HAVE to get his number!

cancer06 cancer06
18-21, F
7 Responses Sep 5, 2006

I do not mean to sound patronizing, but I am older than you, and I too in my teens found myself drawn to thuggish type of gents, but only heartache sweets, all drama, no positive energy surrounding you....but as you say, you are "fatally" drawn them ..good luck sweets, you will need it, bless.

I am attracted to thugs. but they don't have to be that bad. nothing that could get my in trouble or hurt. but i do think they aree sexxxxxi

wow your hurting that not a thug at all stealing cars... lol a real thug knows how to make that money and has a car, is rerpect everywhere he goes his touge pierced what is he white hahaha you my friend have a loser lol

can i get your last boyfriends number. SHA-WING. love thugs.

certainly, the unpredictability of moment to moment bad boys is a thrill. you won't be bored or staid, that's for sure. congratulations on recognizing this about yourself at your age.

omg i <3 thugs

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