Women Are Pound For Pound Physically Stronger Than Us Males!

My belief is the women have always been pound for pound stronger than us males! and its very hard for most men to accept that! Because all men's life when they were little boys! Their fathers always pound into their heads that men are the physically stronger sex! and today's world more and more women are proving to us men are fathers were very wrong what they were telling us! I see more and more younger girls in schools doing strength training along the boys and surpassing them in strength! And its quite a shock to their egos!
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These days the girls are starting at an early age working out for sports especially strength training because their sporting coaches tell them to or parents of a girl get them working out with weights to get stronger! and todays boys rather sit and watch t.v. or play video games or with there computers!

What really amazes me about women getting physically stronger than us males? at what early age these women or young women are going to the gym and liftings at! and not just at gyms! at school for sports these young women or even girls are training with weights for strength to compete in their sports! they are lifting right along with the boys and are at that age show the girls just as strong or stronger then the boys!

Then the question is "at what age do girls/women take an interest is sports?". My wife took an interest in sports before she was a teenager. She took an interest in lifting weights when she was in high school. I think that she wanted to be strong to play softball or soccer (not sure). She was always a runner. She (even today) runs about 5 miles a day in the mornings.

Not sure if I agree, but I do believe that strength is about equal.

all you need to do is go into most gyms and health clubs and you will see the women of all ages outnumbering the males working out and lifting weights! and its amazing strength-wise what females of all ages lifting!

The person whom thanked me for the story of women being pound for pound physically stronger! Why did it make your day?

You confirmed what I was trying to say. You said it better. I run a gym and see that what you wrote is true.