The Power And Strength In Women's Or Girl's Thighs When It Comes To Applying Scissor Holds!

The real power and strength in a woman or girl is in her legs and thighs! and once she learns to us them applying scissor holds! There is no man or boy that has the strength to get out of them unless the woman or girl lets them out! and its scary what kind of pressure the women or girls can produce using scissor holds!
jon2403 jon2403
56-60, M
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

And its over powering for you women and girls to know what kind of power and strength you have in your thighs or legs that can apply or pressure you can us on use men or boys?

I would like to hear from women or girls that use their legs or thighs on men or boys that use scissor holds and agree with me that your scissor holds are impossible to get out once you apply them to us men or boys?