The Power Of Women's Or Girls Thighs Or Legs Using Scissor Holds!

The tremendous power and strength a women or girl can produce squeezing using scissor holds is unbelievable! The higher a woman or girl can place a man or boy between her thighs she probably can squeeze them to death like a python snake wrapped around its victim! The only difference the woman or girl won't eat them afterwards! When the woman or girl uses a scissor hold the two most common holds she would us is head scissors or body scissors! and just think if enough women and girls learned to what their scissor holds can do to us males? They would get their husbands,boyfriends,brothers or any male they are around to do anything they want them to do! because they would be afraid and scared of the power of women or girls thighs because of them using scissor holds on us men or boys!
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I'm glad you can talk about your fantasies so openly. I hope you live them out one day!

Only watched my wife wrestle other women,but know that they know their legs have what it takes to make another woman submitt.We never got into the mixed wrestling ,but knew some people did.

This is true and is born out in countless competative mixed wrestling clips. When a guy gets a girl in any kind of scissor hold - it never ever amounts to anything. But when a girl gets a guy into a scissor hold, it is ALWAYS game over for the guy.

I totally agree, us guys would be in serious trouble if more women learned to use the devastating power of their lower bodies against us - we just wouldn't stand a chance....

yes that is true,I found out some time ago with one of my earlier girl friends.
We started to play wrestle,and she told me she could make me submit.
So I told her not if I didn't want to,but she went for it.....and made me struggle until I was exhusted.Her legs were that strong,I became very concerned anytime we disagreed on things.Well we parted some time after that, but always thought about her whenever I saw a wrestling show,or something like that.

What age were you both when you wrestled your girlfriend and what were both body-wise of you and girlfriend?