Does Liking Younger Man Make U Vein?


I’m attracted to younger men. I live Iowa and most guys are married by the time they hit 25. In my 20’s all 3 of my long term relationships were with younger men. All didn’t workout. My friends talk about how much they all love older men and that I’m missing out. Maybe I am since none of my relationship worked out. I'm starting to think I'm very vein.

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6 Responses Feb 23, 2009

There are pros and cons to dating both older and younger men. So take your chances and make your decisions wisely. Older is not always better as younger is not always better.

Nothing like a fine wine!

although i enjoyed the "company" of many younger men in the past, i found some of them to be a little too immature in other aspects.

Usually about 5-7 years young....<br />
I think if I was 45 I probably date someone in their 20's<br />

Hmmm...just younger than you, or young in general? *blush*

Hey don't feel bad. My grandmother has a thing for younger men. After she divorced my grandfather she started dating a guy younger than my mom. 27 years later they are still together. You just need to find the right person no matter the age.