I Have An Idea Why

I have an idea why I am attracted to younger women (or maybe "girls" would be the more accurate term, since I'm attracted to teenage girls).

During my life as a teenager I didn't have any dates or relationships. The reason for that is a complete different story. However, I now believe, that a part of me, deep inside, wants to catch up on that. So whatever regulates, what age range I find attractive, is still set on "teenage girls". This then gets mixed up with my affection for big breasts, but that's a different story as well.

But then again I wonder, if there are any guys who are NOT attracted to younger women...

Spann0r Spann0r
26-30, M
5 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I feel your pain and can relate 110%.

after reading that I totally agree. I feel the same way, I am attracted to younger/teen age girls and when I was young as a teen, I never dated or had relationships. Sometimes I think maybe I am so attracted to them because I feel I missed out on dating and relationships at that age and still wonder how it would have been.

Pretty much the same for me...though I'm now 36...twice the age of an 18 yo (gulp!). I'm pretty sure most guys are attracted to younger women in one way or another, though.

word ^ to dat.

As long as it is legal and both parties concent,who am i to judge.