I don't know why but i have had 7-8 people add me to their circle or just started talking to me in past week.

Arorin Arorin
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Well what ever works i guess.

I don't attract people into my life, only cats. I guess cats are like people. I can't afford to have the cats desexed so they keep growing. I give them away and then get more kittens.





lol w/e!

hmmm.. debatable! :P

this has been discussed! i am the great arorin!

:P hi! hahahaha<br />
<br />
ok you're so right!

then it fits perfect! the silly part anyway.

haha cause ducks are cute!:P hehe<br />
<br />
A quack! that's what we call 'silly' doctors over here, or someone professional that doesnt know what they are talking about:P

like omg you are back! if i am a moo you are a quack because you wanted to be a duck after the story i told you!

it's cause you are a moo and everyone knows it :)

My guess is people are just jealous of me!

ooo yes i am a little's kids! better watch what you say to me or Chris Hanson might arrest you!... So many tarded people in this world...

im guessing Arorin is like 15 ? maybe maybe 13

That's good! so... when do you want me to start trying?

A- as in the letter A, RoR - as in roar, IN as in "IN" A-RoaR-In

lol never give up and one day you just might.

that is pretty bad since you are a womenz... You know men are never suppose to win but it is like i said even if i try to fail i just can't... Nutshell!!! no you will not!

lol the more people against me the easier it is for me!

No not really they haven't been to fun to talk to...

if you say so!

mostly people looking for help from me it seems.

Depends on who they are...

I guess

good for you.

If you look at my most commented story you would already know that...<br />
<br />
O hai! ur bak.