Attractive Yet Single

I find myself to be pretty attractive. I have shoulder length hair(a little longer actually), light brown skin (im redbone like indians), and im just generally a pretty girl. I had a boyfriend but he was being a butt because I didn't do what he wanted nor did I give myself up physically, I wrong?

rwshortie rwshortie
18-21, F
7 Responses Mar 20, 2009

You're attractive and, I'd say, too young to be tied down. Take it easy, stay loose.

Maybe you talk about yourself too much? The right guy will come. Just be patient.

Nice guys are hard to find, and most guys are lustful douchebags.<br />
As a matter of fact, 90% of all guys with six-packs are douchebags. Just so ya know.<br />
Anyways, before completely making you feel bad, I just want to say is that patience is a virtue in these things. Love comes in the most unexpected way. You'll know when it will happen.

shes not cocky! shes pretty enough and its confidence which attracts people. She should keep up with her confidence. <br />
<br />
Girl, you are young. Good to wait for someone amazing enough to get close to u.


It's a great thing to have coinfidence, but you may be sending off a bit of conceited vibe

i am not cocky!!!!!