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Australia's Polititains.

Australia is a wonderful country. It's got to be one of the best countries going. But the polititains are cirtainly doing what they can to screw it up. We need to get rid of Gillard. The only reason Labour got voted back in was because they swapped Kevin Rudd for the nightmare Gillard. Which won over people who don't care about politics, and don't really know anything about politics, because she was a woman. That's what I think anyway. It was like a parlour trick. 'Look at my assistant with the big ****, while I take the Rolex right from your wrist.' I don't agree with everything Tony Abbott says, but he's pretty good. Compared to Julia he's a dream. I do think Turnbull would probably be better, but I'll settle for Abbott. What I think we need is a politition on the oposition that has the balls to stand up for the country. They're all too worried about saying something politically incorrect. If they just said what we're all thinking and what they're probably all thinking, it would be a landslide win.
CreedenceGold CreedenceGold 18-21, M 13 Responses Mar 27, 2011

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All the huge handouts of labor sound great, but it is too much for the economy to afford. The welfare purse is just not that big. This labor government is trying to buy the voters at the next election. Discussions seem to be about the alternatives to the green/labor "coalition", but anything would be a safer bet economically. If the country doesn't go broke before the next election, I will vote for the neighbours dog before I would vote for labour.

Amen to that

Australia's circumstances weren't so different in regards to the GFC, we just got through it better, and that was thanks to Kevin Rudd. Like it or not, his little hand out did what it was meant to, and I think you would all find that they (the government) knew that many people would put the money into a savings account; that's why it was so broadly distributed - some would spend, some would save, and they allowed for that. What Rudd did for our country has been so grossly undervalued I think, because we didn't see a depression so to speak - but tell me, what would people have thought if he hadn't dispensed that money and we had fallen into a depression? Lose-lose for him it seems. And that's the way it is with all governments in power: love them or hate them.<br />
<br />
Julia Gillard? Well, I have mixed emotions there. She was our first female PM, history was made the day she stepped into office. But we should remember, the Labour government had the vote of the people before Rudd was politically assassinated, and even after. Having said that, I don't think she got the top job ba<x>sed on her sex. The people wanted labour to stay in, that's what happened. I preferred Rudd, but I'd stick with Julia before allowing Liberal to take back this country (and I know I'll most likely cop a lot of flack about that, given the above story is essentially anti-Labour).<br />
<br />
Tony Abbott has given the people nothing to work with, and so certainly no faith in him to do any better. He never told us how he would fix our nation or how he would remedy the carbon tax to a more suitable, citizen-friendly alternative. He contradicts Julia with every breath he takes, saying a lot but really nothing at all. Furthermore, the Liberal government has been quite sly of hand in the past - look at John Howard's GST "vote". A tax that was supposed to replace all other taxes - it didn't. A tax that should have been taken to the people for approval on that specific issue alone - it wasn't. And here Abbot is, demanding the people the right to vote (at the price of $80M in taxpayer's money) on the carbon tax issue and yet he's said to refuse to accept the decision of the people and be bound by it if the votes are in favour of it. Hmmm.<br />
<br />
And let's not forget the horror that was Work Choices. Possibly one of the biggest deciding factors that got Labour elected, their promise (which they followed through on) to eradicate it and restore the rights of workers and their unions. Now we face a cap in pay of 2.5% to the public service sector under Barry O'Farrell as the New South Wales premier (Liberal).... And where is Tony Abbott on this issue? Sitting back on his laurels spouting "It's a state issue". Now this tells us two things - one, he considers himself above the state and therefore the people within it by distancing himself from a very real, dangerous issue. And two, by not condemning it he is in fact condoning it, which really sets the tone for Liberal as a federal government should they come back into power. The public service sector is something we all need and use - police, fire, ambulance, nurses, teachers, social workers. And we are not paid appropriately as it is; for example, my industry (Social Work) is still considered "women's work" and thus the identified reason for such a large pay gap. If Barry gets his way we will never be paid equally, and we won't even have the power to bargain or to deal with the IRC to get a fair ruling.<br />
<br />
And if you're still reading, then I wonder what people think of the other issue we face about our live export industry? Independents want to end all live exports over the course of three years, but the Green's want it done immediately. Personally I think we should open up our abattoirs and do it all right here on shore - yes the price of meat may go up (but its already painfully expensive any way you buy it) but it will also provide mor work for our fellow Australians, and really, how can we not benefit from that?

Mate- you are so right about the live exports. After what I saw, I dont think those people even deserve meat at all and we should cut them off from exports altogether.. I know that would be detrimental for our farmers, so I agree with you - we should have control of the abbortoirs, and do it here. The problem that comes with that apparently is that they apparently dont have the capacity to keep it refridgerated etc... Either way its going to be a loss for us, unless we take ownership of the abbortoirs o/s. I wanted to cry when I saw that foootage.
You made a similar point with Tony Abbott - he is totally opposing everything the Prime Minister says, but hes only doing it for public favour. He isnt going to pull more money from anywhere - and him undermining everything she says is giving people the false impression that he can fix all our problems without upsetting anyone. Hes making out like he is on our side, but even if he does spend the $80M on a vote for the Carbon Tax and it doesnt go through, the government will have to find the money somewhere - someone is always going to luck out.
Basically, we have high taxes because we have a high standard of living. When people diss the 'Free' country, people dont realise how much we are given here that other countries dont have. Regardless of who is in charge, they are working on bringing us back to surplus, and they are trying to keep everyone happy while they are doing it. It would be a bloody hard job, and there are always going to be people who complain. If you compare us to the US we can see in the foreseeable future, a positive turn on our economy. There is no limit as to how long someone can receive welfare for, they are trying to find more jobs, and they arent taking away our healthcare, our hospitals or anything else. Eventually we are all going to benefit, so lets just stop complaining and feel grateful that we live in the country that we do. Vote for someone else next time if you want, but just remember that the government doesnt just choose to make things better or worse for us, its economics, its globalization and its a sign of the state of the world.

I agree, no matter how we look at it, there will always be people left behind in the changes made to our nation by politicians. As the saying goes, you can make some people happy most of the time, most people happy some of the time, but nobody happy all of the time.

If there are concerns over the storage of meat, that can be remedied in a couple of ways - build more refrigeration space, and/or sell the meat cheaper for a period of time to clear the backlog we have. Hell, I'd gladly use my freezer to store a stack of meat I bought for a good price, especially if it meant I was helping the nation, and doing right by animal welfare rights! These days prices are so high on our homegrown meat and vegetables, its fast becoming a luxury to eat healthily that many of us can't afford. That leaves us open to physical illnesses like obesity and other illnesses that become of that one like diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, heart conditions - all things that take a toll on our nation to provide the health care to the people who suffer from them. It's really a vicious cycle, can't afford to eat healthy or pay for membership to a gym to get and stay fit, we come to need the assistance of the public services sector, who can't afford it anymore than the people they look after because their pay is capped at a price that is below inflation and below the cost of living.

The great thing about our welfare system though is that its reasonably self-sufficient, in that there is not a huge portion of the population that rely on it for the entire duration of their lives. What that means is that whenever people are working, a percentage of the taxes they pay go towards funding the welfare state which will provide for them indefinitely should they ever need it, because for the most part, a person's time on welfare benefits is merely as a transitional thing: moving, a period of sickness, in between jobs, studying, etc.. And compared to the United States who charge their citizens to attend an emergency ward at a hospital, we do have it much better off.

I disagree with the majority here. If you guys all have a look at what was happening worldwide, for a long time before hand, you would be able to see that the Labour government didnt have a whole lot to work with. The GFC was coming, whether we liked it or not, and regardless of who was in charge. I do agree that John Howard did a really good job, but Australia was obviously ready for change. Kevin Rudd and his stimulus package, while seemingly stupid, actually did do what it was supposed to do. We were saved from what could have been a real depression. Whether or not it just postponed it, we are yet to see, but at the time with a worldwide economic crisis going on we fared pretty well. <br />
The 80s financial crisis was another supposed Labour faulted crisis - but what happens to the economy cant be blamed entirely on the government. Its a sign of the times, and while the Liberal government supposedly fixed all the problems, they were simply the right people at the right time. What goes up, must come down eventually. <br />
Comparing unemployment rates and the like is useless, when you get a look at how far technology has come and at our imports, of course jobs are going to be lost. Its not solely the governments fault, its a sign of our generation - and the fact that we want instant gratification. Sub-prime housing in the United States is a perfect example of this - people want houses, banks lend money to the people that they probably shouldnt, these people buy houses, pushing up the cost of housing, hence pushing up the cost of a loan, then these people start to default, banks have no money, and the government starts bailing them out. <br />
Luckily, in Australia, our exports prop us up, and in an ironic sort of way - the destruction caused by natural disasters will boost up our employment. If those who are unemployed can bring themselves to stop relying on the dole, that is..<br />
Also, dont be fooled by Tony Abbott. If you seriously think that he is going to go through with everything he is promising, you are kidding yourselves - he says the opposite of what Julia Gillard does to win public favour. He cant pull money out of his a** any more than the Prime Minister can, but he says things so he can get a foot in the door. They lie, people. They promise things they cant deliver because they are trying to win. The Carbon tax is going to happen, whether we like it or not. Does anyone remember how much drama surrounded the introduction of GST? That tax will be introduced, and if it isnt, its because they will introduce something else, because they need to get the money from somewhere. <br />
Anyway, my point is that its not just the governments fault that the economy isnt great at the moment. We'll get through it, and so far we have done pretty well to avoid the extremes that the GFC has caused in a lot of other places. Labour or Liberal, it was going to happen, the economy goes up and down, and always has - and as a result government satisfaction rises and falls with it to.<br />
Pointing the blame isnt going to fix anything. And blaming solely the Labour Government is a blatant sign of ignorance. Julia Gillard won, because people liked her more. Next time, do some research and vote for who you really believe in. <br />
And if you hate the Labour Government so much, and you really believe that they wasted all the taxpayers money, maybe you could send back your $900 stimulus cheque?

Strong words indeed. Yes a tax policy paper was released with 103 or so recommendations and only 2 or 3 have been mentioned mmm yeah 'no carbon tax' did not take long to become a carbon tax from 1 July 2012. What this means is we pay to have coal extracted to make power via the cost of electricity. That produces pollution so we pay again for having burnt the coal ie its smoke this time to the government. So we pay twice for the coal once to the producer and again to the government who also taxes the producer. What other taxes will we pay? Death duties? Capital accumulation on your residence? Beware the government is bankrupt fiscally and morally.

I agree with you there, technical training has been severely unfunded by both governments for too many years now. Ideas of introducing such courses into high schools are absolutely stupid, we have colleges all around the country which are under utilized. It has become a political football, no foresight and for some reason universities get preference. Education has become a commodity for sale to overseas students whereas TAFE has not and has not been funded.<br />
<br />
Now our econmoy is more tied to the asian markets we did not have a so called recession. Contrary to the governments boasting a number of the asian country's economies did not have recessions as well. We were not just the only 1. We did not have one due to the reserves the country had from surplus budgets the curent government spent it all carelessly to keep the economy going. I believe that if they had not increased interest rates 6 or 9 months before the drop we would not have needed to stupidly throw money at unplanned projects.

The economy back then Ozroller was tied too much to the US economy - the US economy "caught a cold" and our economy "caught the flu". Now we rely more on the Asian markets, our economy is not so severely affected. The thing I didn't like Howard/Costello for was for was their answer to the skills crisis was to import it rather than spending money training our own people.

Well I don't think Keating achieved anything with the banks. I paid 17% interest on my mortgage and then 20% on a business loan. The banks screwed everyone then screwed all the building societies and themselves. Westpac almost went down the tube at $2 a share then Keating let all the banks keep their interest rates high so they could get some losses back, who paid for that? We did!! And now how competitive is the industry, it is not at all. Economic sucess is not driven by governments it is driven by free enterprise and screwed by governments hence a new mining tax, on top of a resource rent tax invented by previous great reformists who at every chance tax tall poppies.

I think Turnbull runs rings around Abbott. If Turnbull had been the leader at the last election we would have had an outright winner and it would not have been the ALP.

If it wasn't for Hawke and Keating deregulating the economy, Costello and Howard wouldn't have anything to work with.<br />
Our prosperity is ba<x>sed on what Hawke and Keating did. <br />
(And frankly, our continuing economic success during the Howard years was thanks to Costello....Howard had no idea about economics) <br />
<br />
We need to have Malcom Turnbull running the show. Abbott is a nightmare!

Yes I agree the ALP government has done what they always do spend spend spend to buy votes and stuff up things and now the second term and what has happened? Sweet FA. Really it is a crime to waste our money. Do we remember the great summit meeting called 2020 a vision for the country they had when they took over. A massive talk fest cost a fortune, web sites set up to monitor groceries costs, fuel, education and for what benefit to the people? None. Now the red haired Gilla monster has taken us down the bumpy Gilla Rd to huge debt again. It is only the luck that we have such reserves of mineral resources that we aren't the third world country that the previous labor govt. under Keating took us to.

I couldn't agree more with you, the ALP has no idea on how to manage to the economy, Australia was booming with Johny and Pete. Now look at the f wits we have running the country.

True, true

i don't mean to sound criticle about your comment mate but we don't need to get rid of gillard......<br />
we need to get rid of labour. last time labour was in the country was in deep trouble, then came old johnny. he got this country up and running, then they put labour back in and look where we are now..