The Daughter ...

Daughter of Poseidon
The daughter of Poseidon
Wanders the seashores in celestial seasons
Departs a vast ocean
On silver winged fishscale boots
Swathed in a watery quicksilver cloak
Runs above the seas skin, that surges angrily beneath
Sheds her cloak and its cloying watery grasp
In a backwash, it returns to the deep
And she, in her betrayal
Avoids Poseidons gimlet eyes
Takes flight, running toward the dim shore
Until the dreadful screech of the Neireds*
Are sucked under the tumultuous surf
That cleaves the ocean from the cold bruised shore
Mother oysters pearly greetings shimmer
Amongst discarded bones and washed up shells
Upon the threshold of the beach
Littered prettily upon the blue sands
Like droplets of brine that drip like diamonds
From her silver moonlit hair
An ivory moon rides the vaporous skies
Clouds whip through the dark
As galloping horses tails lash the wind
Mares refuse to be ridden
By full moonlight, in the witching hour
They crash headlong, at full gallop
Into the nights of the sleeping souls
Everywhere, there is unrest
The daughter of Poseidon
Traverses cerulean shores
Crashing waves haul away from her deceit
Back to the depths, to Poseidon
She sounds like silver coins
Being thoughtfully caressed in a silk purse
As she calmly wanders the shores
Oracle of sea, of land, of sky
Redeemer of the dead and drowned
She sweeps her long fingers through salty air
Summoning a denizen of souls that have waited
An eternity, dormant, dead
Welcomes them back to the air
Enchanted by her reach
The littered bones slowly ascend
From sand, from sea
A circus of clattering bones
A fantastic phantasmagoria takes flight
Spiralling, high into the sky, building a skeletal ladder
A hoard of souls begin a sombre procession heavenward
Freed from anonymous watery graves
As the swarm of souls begins to ascend the precarious rungs
Poseidon lets loose a deafening roar
Waves are summoned to crush the scourge of treacherous absconders
The oceans and all its creatures, monsters, and serpents rage as one entity
Clawing, wailing and screeching, waves lash higher, swell larger
Belting headlong into the fray
Tossing all manner of marine life at the wretched souls
But upward they climb, one after another, escaping the tyranny of Poseidon
Who now in a rage inconsolable, thrashes and kills his unlucky mercenaries
That have failed his bidding
The water calms as blood colours it black
The souls of the deep ceaselessly climbing
Soul by soul, rung by rung
The daughter of Poseidon dances with crazed abandon

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i like Poseidon