Im Struggleing To Cope With The Hot Aussie Sun

I m sick of hot summer days and how hard is it use the air conditioner because of how power costs , My little boy is also struggle to sleep in his bedroom cause of the heat .Alot of people who dont have the money on welfare are going to have to sweat it out this summer . Ony those richer aussie will be able to afford to run air conditioners all day to keep cool .
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5 Responses Jan 27, 2012

Ooh and we use to eat frozen peas...weird kid lol

...and ice...plenty of ice.<br />
4) go to bed with frozen cucumbers on eye lids.<br />
5) keep windows open at night only, during the day shut curtains and windows, you want it as dark as possible...put aircon on for 1st hour each day just to kick start the cooling process<br />
6) hot during the day? Have the quickest ever shower and stand in front of a fan.<br />
7) dont use your oven, have bbq, salad etc<br />
8) eat and grow your own cooling food like watermelon and cucumber<br />
9) sleep outside or pack everyone in the car for a midnight beach visit if tge heat is really stopping everyone sleeping<br />
10) think cool thoughts and good luck x

When I was growing up in the eighties in humid qld, and hot WA, hardly anyone had aircon and it wasnt because of folks financial situation either...they just werent the norm.<br />
My parents would put a fan on swivel in the hall so it rotated to my brother and my room...pretty stingy when i think about it as they could have afforded another fan.<br />
Anyway, if you are interested, read on for tips to cool off.<br />
1) cool/warm shower before bed, never cold as your body raises temp by shivering...make sure you talc.<br />
2) keep back of neck, wrists, feet cool periodically by wetting a cloth and placing in the freezer.<br />
3) fill a large glass with cordual/water

i had 3 kids and living in a caravan without aircon in nth qld, we kept cool with fans and wiping ourselves over with a face washer, my kids now have thier own kids and they still live in nth qld and still do the same thing with their children without the extra on the power bill if they so wish.. atm we r running an aircon and im not suffering anymore..i reckon wot price do i put on being comfortable after working my butt off all week.. im not rich, im ur average aussie battler..i dont smoke and have an average drinking problem *grins* Its probably costing about $2 or more a day which makes it cheaper than a smoking drinking or fast food habit

We are starting to wear thin too.... not looking forward to our next electricity bill either... try this hint with the little one, wetting a small hand towel and placing it in the freezer, will be cool placed on his forehead when trying to get to sleep.