Time To See My Beloved Country

After 31 years of living in the same city that is located south of Melbourne, Victoria, I suddenly had the opportunity arise to move away interstate to stay with my cousin in a small town. I packed a few bags of belongings and said goodbye to 3 most important loved ones, and 5 hours later found myself living in South Australia. It was and still is quite surreal, this sudden turn of events! It was my plan to settle in this town or elsewhere, but that nagging voice deep inside me is telling me to finally adopt the long desired nomad life I've dreamed of and actually see the country I am born and bred in, it's now or never!

So in a months time I begin the most epic journey of my life. A journey to see and experience my country and its variety of people. On the side of the road with thumb out I shall put myself out there with no certainty, no expectations and no guarantee that things will even go well or that I will come out of this experience better off, this will help me discover who I really am, what I am made of and what my country really is about. I'm facing my fears head on and I long for the day when I can say that I've truly experienced ALL that Australia has to offer!

I love my country, and love that there is so much more yet to see, and it is time to see if Australia loves me!
Mercvry Mercvry
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

happy travels to you!! how wonderful to just follow the road and your dreams!

Mercvry, look forward to reading your blog. I live in North Queensland and travel to Cairns from Townsville intermittently so if you end up this way and you are heading from Townsville to Cairns around a weekend and the time is right, would be happy to give you a lift on your journey. Cheers

Hi tsv01 and thank you for commenting! I very much appreciate your offer of a lift from Townsville to Cairns, I will end up that way by the beginning of November and I will be posting my rough whereabouts on the blog I will be creating on this site when I'm about to embark.

Hey thanks for your comments! <br />
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Drake181, yes I will blog (on EP) my journey around Australia, with photos too where possible, partly for myself, partly for my friends and family to follow my travels and partly to inspire readers who feel trapped in their lives to take the plunge themselves and break away from the daily grind and go see Australia as it can be done with very little money. I will be finding work where possible too, and there are so many possibilities! I may head to Cairns first because on November 14 there will be a total solar eclipse visible from there and I don't want to miss it. <br />
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MissUnderstood77, yep I come from just south of Melbourne but currently I find myself residing in rural SA, planning to move on soon. So far I've only seen a few towns in SA, and you're right because ba<x>sed on my research on this state there isn't a great lot here to see and do, it is great for relaxing though!<br />
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I'll try and be safe, but risk is part of the adventure!