Sieg Heil......... ( Just Joking ? )

peza peza
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6 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Peza..if he ran for Prime Minister in Australia..he would win!!!!.......


Well they are "Illegal"....that is my opinion.If they wanna come...come through the front door.

And you condone what this goon is saying ?

OMG! I always hated people who laugh in this manner and always considered them as dumpshits! They even dont recognize and cant recognize how shallow they are!!! Proved my pheno Pez lol

Amazing ... Neanderthal man was more intelligent than a fat OZZY BASTARD ... just joking


You really knew what title to choose for your story, such offensive jokes like the other Aussie on EP...

I am starting to like these videos, keep on posting!

I will missgaga , don't you worry. Morons like this and their hateful attitudes deserve to be exposed .....the crazy thing is that this half-wit does it all by himself.

who? cant cop these outsiders bagging us. FIOFO

Talking to me? Well..I don't like mentioning names, but he is pretty famous on EP...