The Aussie Way

Another new day the sun is shining, the waves are rolling in on the beach. I hear the children in the background playing in the water having so much fun.
So grateful to be living in a peaceful country I call home. So proud to be an Aussie.
A casual bike ride around the estate, people traveling to work, people going for there daily walks, kangaroo's grazing by the roadside, what a beautiful sight.
I arrive back home, the wild magpies are patiently waiting at my door for there morning treat.
I turn on the TV the news say the bush fires are still ablaze, our poor land is being destroyed, our firefighters are doing a great job to save our land, our creatures who live in the bush, family homes, relocating families to safer grounds, what devastation. But do not despair, we help families rebuild there homes, we take care of the orphan & injured wildlife, why! because that is the Aussie way.
The sun is going down, time to get out, walking & talking to the locals about.
So glad to be an Australian....
allbetter allbetter
46-50, F
Jan 19, 2013