I Am a Proud Aussie

I love being an Australian. It's a great country and I am proud to be Aussie born and raised.
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I am proud to call myself an Aussie.

I was not born in Australia , but finished school and started working in Australia.
I live and work in Boston , Mass. Australia will ALWAYS be home to me, "no matter how wide I roam" to quote the Qantas ad.

my land my counrty where the rainbow falls and the sea crashes on our sunny shores from the desert to the ocean and the murry green banks and the bright red out back where the magpie worbals calls to my inner soul,and to see a kangaroo leaps abound and fly wire doors,the home of hills host,and the victa lawn mowwer this is my home to the rest of the world i can only say this to all australian just stand tall!


g day australia, with all this talk of multi cultral society,i cannot help but wonder what will happen to my country?
will australia i know and love still be the same?
will it change for better or worse?
inhotwater as usaual.

Woo! Me too :) I love AUSTRALIA!

HI <br />
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just came back from 7 weeks in Thailand and every time i get back i thank my lucky stars i was born in Australia , <br />
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Us Aussies stick together ??? Hi from the West :)

yes iam fairdinkum

:D YES!!!!!!!!

Bloody oath it is mate. It is indeed one of the greatest places to live. Born in Sydney, raised in Canberra, now living in Maitland with Tas the only state/territory I've never been to.<br />
Keep 'em smilin', Paddo.

Agreed. It's good to be an Aussie.