WE Are Aussies and We Care



For We Are Aussies And We Care
Raymond J Warren
Brisbane Qld
February 9th 2009

Did you see that fireball a'rolling, down the valley fair
And the timber smoke arising, from the beauty that was there?
Did you hear the bird’s loud calling, in fear as they flew,
And house dogs barking loudly, at the fright that they felt too?

Did you hear the wind loud roaring, like a jet plane overhead,
Did you see the roadway littered with the dying and the dead?
Did you hear the crackling bushland and see the volunteers fight,
Did you watch the orange horizon in the darkness of the night?

Can you hear the men hard yelling, as they run this way and that,
Can you hear the horses screaming as they gallop on the flat?
Do you hear the child calling as she stands now safe alone,
“Where’s my daddy have you seen him, I want my daddy home!”

Do you know that sinking feeling of the loss and loneliness,

As you stand before your once proud home and feel the emptiness.
Do you know that heartache, as you sift through ashes bare?
Does a tear come to your reddened eyes, for memories stolen there?

Can you hear the deathly cry go up, to meet the burnished sky,
Of fathers with their children gone and a mother's mournful sigh.
And those who search the empty roads, for loved ones, who don't come,

The old and wise who blame themselves, for not telling them to run.

But please don’t worry strongly, there is something you should know,
We can’t bring back your loved ones, or the tokens for to show.
But we can share your pain, for our shoulders we lay bare.
So lay your head upon our breast, we are Aussies and we care.



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6 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my work, Mz Divine, your heart shone through and let your words show true feeling. Adjyo, you too have written your innermost and have also paid me mightily for my effort, I know Sleepless has also been affected by my words and finally, Enna, thank YOU for sharing my poem with me, I have written this poem and others each time I was deeply disturbed by some very awful events I do hope that others have also felt the suffering of those who were badly done by.<br />

Beautifully written - very evocative and so appropriate at present. Thank you for sharing this with us.<br />
<br />
Caring thoughts and wishes to all affected by fires and floods in our land of "beauty and terror" that we love so much.

well said!

Im sending good vibes and my prays to all Aussies...

Very few things move me to patriotism... but the horror in Victoria at the moment does. As does this poem. Well done Ray.

Oh, How Beautiful!...We DO CARE!...DON"T WE!!