A Final Tribute to the Australian Bush Fire Victims




February 2009

Raymond J Warren


Lone bird flying o’er the land, not knowing whence or where,

Her mate is gone midst flame and wind that she could not share.

Their nesting tree where was it now? It surely couldn’t crumble

Only blackened sticks below and the silence of two hundred.


It seems like many years ago, when voices laughed and spoke,

Before the heat, that fierce wind and  cloudy choking smoke.

When Goanna ran up trees of green and Koalas without number

But all is quiet in the bush, with the silence of two hundred.


Once they lived together all, in bush land so serene,

When normal rains kept it there, growing evergreen.

But then the savagery of drought, of bush too little lumbered

The terror witnessed only by, the silence of two hundred


The orange glow has gone now, all the birds have gone to rest,

A haze is on horizon and black silhouettes ride each crest.

The air still and cooling and the earth is ere encumbered,

For nothing now will ever change, the silence of two hundred.


Lone bird flying o’er the land not knowing whence or where

Her mate is gone midst flame and wind that she did not share.

No more there will she nest again as from the air she tumbled,

To sleep there in the blackened ash, with the silence of two hundred.


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6 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Dear Jinda, I have been near to two of those fires in the past, I do not know if I would have escaped such a fire as this but suffice to say that most of what I have written on this subject was done through tears of great sadness and shock for those who have passed. I do not know if you have my first poem to the victims but simply Google We are Aussies and we Care. I am still trying to work out how to use this thing called a computer but I do believe I have placed it somewhere on this site as well.<br />

Yhank you Lorraine, I am afraid that those people do not listen to me, it takes public suggestion, not one blowing his own horn<br />
Regards<br />

wow...that was so beautiful ...it totally captured what it must be like for those who lived upon that land.....<br />
i couldn't imagine what it must be like .....but your words described it with feeling <br />
i reckon it should be put to music ...but it reads so well as a bush ballad <br />
were you there?<br />

Ray<br />
<br />
Your words sent chills through me......you captured the visual and the emotional.<br />
<br />
Send it to the newspaper or Today Tonight

That was amazing Ray!!!!

Ray, I am deeply moved by your tribute. Your words say my thoughts in such a beautiful and profound way - thank you.<br />
<br />
All our hearts and souls are wounded by what has happened to our country men and women. Today, the day of the memorial service, your's is a perfect and fitting tribute to each one of them.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing this with us.<br />
Another Aussie.