GET Off My Land!!

Yes, here I am again. Your rightful ruler. If you dont remember me let me remind you, hundreds of years ago my ancestor (William Dampier) discovered your land and infested it with criminals.

And now here, I am, almost ready to return to your rock. So get ready to BOW before me for - I am your ruler.

I want a nice welcome home party, nothing fancy. I like those little sausage rolls and fizzy pop.

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6 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Cool you two! Citysleeper, nice to discover you aren't the slime bucket I thought you were!! <br />
<br />
I await with interest the outcome of the Dampier Wars!

we dont have cars only kangaroos so you better be nice to them or you wont get anywhere<br />
no roads either or buildings ...we did have once but you english built them so they fell apart cos you wouldnt feed the labourers and they were flogged so much they couldnt work proper and then you paid them in rum so they were grogsick everyday ...<br />
so you better bring a tent can't wait to hightail it out of there and come back here to the lucky country ...<br />
i'll make you admit it one day<br />

ha i had forgotten to correct you on that one..yes im an ol granma...and thankyou for the compliment and im sorry for being paranoid and thinking you were some crazy person ...well i think you probably are, but so am i<br />
so from where here did you come from and where will you return to i can warn them hehehehe<br />
and i stand corrected your pommie banter is good what else ya got <br />

lets hope the boat sinks<br />
you have insulted the watch out for our spears when you get here...if they dont get you the convicts, meat pies and the sun surely will<br />
oh and you need to research australian history cos Dampier discovered the west coast and some of the northern coast, he was so dumb he thought the whole continent was desert ...he had no idea of the eastern and southern land....this was long before the convicts came here...he probably raped native women and left his seed of stupidity thats a joke ..i admire william dampier...true.....but it wasn't until captain cook<br />
landed on the east coast that it was found to be habitable and it was 11 years later that the british decided to send the convicts here cos they had no room in the jails, the hulks were overcrowded and filthy, the british were so stupid in their governing of the people ...they couldnt feed them or the they sent them out here and it was Arthur Philllip and the rum corps that brought the convicts and the freemen...not william dampier....all he discovered was the desert<br />
<br />

we shall greet you with meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars

We humbly await your coming My Lady.