You wouldn't think it if you saw me on the street. I have light skin and my hair has an orange tinge to it but I'm Aussie born and bread
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Hahahaha want some butter with that, I'm really sorry but you know us Aussies we pick on people, but awesome folks we are 😁

Straya ****


I don't know anyone who speaks like that. Maybe some illiterate low Bogans. Every country has "rednecks"

U dont get it


Must be too deep for me.


Just realised how funny that sounds


Please get off my post. That is disgusting language

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We come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of light skinned with orange tinged people here.

A Ranga?

No, I'm a human with red hair, not an orangutan.

You mean you are either euro or Brit.. Real Australians born and bred are aboriginals

No I don't and no they aren't but thankyou anyway

We come in all sizes and shapes !

Love redheads!

As a Brit over here in Australia, most Aussies show their European heritage :) Less so in Sydney, which was really multicultural - but Toowoomba is scarily white and anglo-looking!

Melbourne is all Asians.

hence the awesome food :)

Your description is the same as every Australian I have ever met. Y'all are as bland as us Americans.

Noooo there truly are some beautiful Aussie women. I travelled to America last year and absolutely loved people watching! The types of beauty varied so much from state to state but here it is the standard long blonde hair and tanned skin

We are NOT as bland or fat or dumb as Americans.

* Bred

Thank you for correcting me :) I know it is unoriginal but It truly was an autocorrect