Sound Releif Concert

i'm listening to triple j.....its broadcast live...i dont have cable...but i can still hear it.....kings of leon are on now ......wish i was there ...but i'm a bit old for that now ....still love to hear live bands though



jinda jinda
56-60, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2009

gee is there anyone in aussie land watching this concert .....i'm just listening to it on triple j and its fantastic....<br />
wolfmother were just amazing so was eskimo joe and jet ....<br />
the crowd is just going wild <br />
ohhhh i wish i was there ....not australia fair<br />
i went to some great concerts when i was young but gosh ....the power and amazing stage shows they have today...i'm jealous<br />
it's the only time when i wish i was young again<br />
the presets are playing at the moment...and the crowd is going off<br />