Cyanide Genocide

to all you aussies that don't wanna be poisoned to death ....please read on

GOLD....GOLD.....GOLD.....the most precious metal of all....over $1000 an ounce now.....why....dunno really maybe someone can tell me what gold is used for apart for the richfellas adornment or to melt into bars that are stored away in big vaults where no-one can see or get to

now c'mon all you fellas weigh this up....

uuuummmmmm...would you rather have an ounce of gold, jewellery for personal adornment and prestige that comes along with a false sense of security and 70 tonnes of highly toxic waste for each ounce....that leaches or spills into the land-water and air...leading to cyanide genocide

or would you rather .................a thriving healthy place to ensure the future generations can survive and enjoy the qualtiy of life that we have

no point leavin your kids gold can't eat can't breathe it and you certainly can't drink benefits no-one but the rich...

the elders tell me beneath our earth brings the rains....take the gold and the land will die is our connection to the sky keeps the balance between the land and the air

gold comes from the is not a natural is made of many minerals so are we ...our chemistry is exactly the same as the earths, all life is, we all have different formulas of course an eagle has exact same ingredients as me but the volumes are different like i might have 5% magnesium and zinc and an eagle may only have 2%.....

anyway the point i'm trying to make is that there ain't no gold in us ...

magnesium, copper, zinc, iron etccc...we need to continually supplement our bodies with this stuff to sustain our lives....and then

WATER we are 70% water or something ...if we don't have clean water we will die in a week......mining is poisonig our internal water resources

thats it no food ......

CYANIDE GENOCIDE's your choice

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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

thanks wanya.....if you google lake cowal you will see the horror of it all<br />
i call myself one of the lost great grandmother mary was aboriginal and my great grandfather joseph was white....mary died at 40....and thats where our ties were lost....we always figured we were aboriginal but no-one told us much ...and i had no validation until i was older and i went looking for it...i have sisters that don't want to know about it<br />
gotta go will continue later<br />

the heartland of the wiradjuri...oh my i'm getting very nervous about being back there....i was born there and roamed lake cowal 40 years ago ....i didn't know my culture or the importance of where i was......i never knew no blackfellas there cos there were none around..or maybe they were hidden as wyalong is a white racist town i hate it...thats why i've never been back since i was 18<br />
i never felt i belonged there until now...**** i was born in the heart of the wiradjuri nation....and its just awful that no-one told me who i really was and the significance of my birth place birth-right...damn i'm crying ....i always thought that cos my great granma is barkandji ...that i could not claim to be otherwise ..but maybe i'm wiradjuri too.......i was bloody born there i should be.....anyway the elders will tell me if i am or not ....<br />
i know i'm jibbering but i'm nervous ....and excited and so emotional...<br />
i can't wait to meet you significant that our passions have brought us together<br />
wanya me and Bv are going to the easter weekend gathering at Lake Cowal to protest against Barrick Gold..and i will certainly remember your calming words and we will sing the vibrations for the land and we will hear yours reaching us in the winds<br />
<br />
you said you have been poisoned ...are you sick