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I was born in Newcastle NSW. Now live in Tasmania and i really miss swimming in the ocean, its too bloody cold down here.!! I think i would eventually like to end up in Northern NSW south of Byron Bay Its just beautiful up there.

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would love to go to byron and laze in the sun on the nude beach! ;-)

Hey Aussies Please add me

I've lived in newie too....was just down there in may. In QLD now...

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I was born and bread in Wollongong for 22 years but i used to holiday on the gold coast , so i quit my job and moved to the gold coast and loved it ,, i have been here 14 years<br />
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Jellyfish! They're an abomination. There's nothing more guaranteed (not sharks, not sea-monsters) to keep me out of the water for thirty miles in either direction than seeing one solitary jellyfish.

You need a good wetsuit for the southern ocean. Nice thing - no jellyfish!

Another Novocastrian! Great town and wonderful place to live! The BEST beaches . . . ! Tassie is beautiful - but yeah! Too COLD!!!

Yay! More fellow Aussies!