G'day Mates

Just wanted to say hi to all you Aussies out there, so G'day. I live in on East Coast of Tassie. My mum followed me down from Mid North Coast, NSW. I love the climate down here heaps more than up there, to bloody hot up there. How do people in NT handle that heat. Come and visit TAS, it great.
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Hi mate, <br />
Nice words on Tassie ! I lived in Scoresby opposite the carribean Gardens a few years before moving to the Geelung region with my job. I visited Tassie for the first time 12months ago and like you, loved it. Flew in to Hobart, arived on a monday so missed that famous saturday market , is salamanca place ? Drove down to Devon, then eventually headed up the east coast to Launceston, and travelled as far as Burnie . Again like you i loved Tassie . Pleased you found the love of your life there, and if i could be guaranteed the same i would move there in a flash lol. At 62, tho, there's not much hope for me . Stay happy, and take care of you !

G'Day, How are you? I'm from Melbourne :)

G'day, I am from Wollongong NSW. Haven't been to Tassie but would love to go down there.

well farkew i hope you feel a bit better after your rant. i am an aussie, and like you, i don't like this country, as it is full of haves and have not's.(west aussie..so blame the mining industry), but it is sad that you stereotype us all, as idiots. there are alot of points i agree with, but i still see aussies as people, not cardboard cut outs, and there are many good aussies too. i am just concerned for the wave of nationalistic mania that many aussies possess. i am a global citizen of the world. have lived in many countries. australia is no better than anywhere else, and it is dreadfully expensive...but there are some good people here too!

G,Day Mate,another Aussie here,born in melbourne,live in Queensland now,I have not been to Tassie,I don,t like the cold.Melbourne was too cold for me.But might go there to have a look.Love to drop in and say gooday,and have a cuppa.Cheers.

Well farkew, you didn't tell us where you were from, but thank The Lord you have left our shores.<br />
Did you walk around with a mirror strapped to your neck, the only person you were looking at was yourself.<br />
<br />
I was a round the corner from you...Lilydale, we always say we'll shift to Tassy during our hot spells.

G'day!......Jeez, So Happy for you?

OMG I live near Boronia.....I'm going to Tassie in March, may be we can catch up for coffee.

Ok! Make sure you visit. I'd love to see you!

The only way I will get to Tasmania is to learn about atral travelling, so look out for me floating around!

I love it! It can be bloody cold. But when it's cold you can usually warm up and when it's hot, you could take all your clothes off and still be hot. I can down from Mid North Coast NSW, it was too hot for me there. I wouldn't live anywhere else. Pleased to meet you, Fellow Aussie!

I was born in Melbourne, Boronia. Tassie is beautiful. It's pretty casual. People are friendly. I'm a bit of an individul and I thought there might be a few red necks around, but everyone has accepted me for who I am. I love it here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I even found the love of my life. He was a Cray Fisherman ( not now), but I found out I am allergic. I could of had as many lobsters as I wanted, but can't eat them. Gotta love irony!

Hello. I haven't been down to Tassie but I hear it is nice. I am a Victorian so it isn't really that far from here.<br />