Dear Adam Goodes

I am sick of this saga.
I was at the West Coast/Sydney game on the weekend.
No I didn't boo you.
But I can sympathize with those that have.
Not on a racial level. I take no issue with you being Indigenous.
I do take issue with your self righteousness and your arrogance and your ignorance.

I'm sorry but if you call an ENTIRE nation RACIST then what kind of response do you think you're calling upon yourself.
I for one am not fond of you.
It has nothing to do with your race, the colour of your skin or your background.
I don't like the way you go about things.

Am I the only one that is sick to death of hearing about this saga?

Yes. He is being victimized. But he did bring it on himself by vilifying a nation and dividing it in two instead of trying to mend a bond. Henceforth bringing the hate on himself.

If you can't stand the heat...get out of the kitchen old mate.

Don't deal it out if you can't stand to cop a bit of flack for doing so!
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I think that we need Pauline Hanson back ONE NATION ONE RULE

goodes is a disgrace , those that support him and demand the boos stop because he's indigenous are the racists by definition it's racist

why do people boo white players ?

thank god it seems to be over ....but now when people don't boo him because he's aboriginal , is that racist ?

yes he was but it's all over now let's just leave it , it got way out of proportion

unless you're black , don't boo black people . That's not racist at all.

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There are many Aboriginal players in the AFL who do not get booed. Adam Goodes doesn't get booed because he is Aboriginal....Adam Goodes gets booed because he is a f'wit

Made even worse because uses the racism card so he doesnt have to admit he is a f wit. If amyone is acting racist it is adam goodes

totally agree. Sick of idiots trying to blame racism instead if admitting they are simply d...kheads

I don't agree with you. The first time I noticed him being booed was against Hawthorn earlier this year, and they booed him for sliding towards a player with his knees. Since then it has been getting worse each week, and it has become a racist thing, even though it did not start that way. He may not be everyone's favourite person, and I for one am not a fan of the way he plays football, but he does not deserve what he is being dished out

If it was just one incident then the booing would stop however Adam keeps pushing it and so the booing persists. Sydney Richmond game he grabbed a Richmond players crotch from between the guys legs. It all adds up and then he pulls the racism card when people boo his behaviour.


AGREE! No other indigenous player gets booed.

Because none of the other indigenous players incorporated there culture into their victory dance

correction, war dance .

It was the indigenous round so why not why not do that dance it's a celebration war dance and I say again it was the indigenous round

he engaged the crowd and now they are letting him know what they think of him it's irrelevant what colour he is , he is just a d head . To suggest booing stops because he's indigenous is insinuating indigenous are less capable of handling the pressures of professional sports than non indigenous ..why do people boo non indigenous players ? could it not be the same for indigenous players ? or should we treat people different based on race ?

Oh right cause he is the only one in afl history to engage on the crowd right? And the only afl player that's a dickhead . for Australia sake and the aboriginals I really do hope hope it's about him being a **** head. The funniest coincidence though is he put abit of culture into the game all of sudden he is considered a **** head righteo so it's okay to be indigenous just not aloud to show it at any sporting event?

no he's been booed for years , I think shaming the 13 year-old kid turned a lot of people off him and made it worse then the war dance directed at the crowd and the ' invasion day ' comments and he's a grub on the field , it's nothing to do with race .
why is mundine hated ? why is Greg inglis loved , Cathy Freeman loved ? why did wally Lewis get booed his whole career ..race is irrelevant .
to address your first points he won't be the first or the last player to be hated by opposition teams he will hopefully be the last to blame his stupidity and consequent treatment on race

But it was okay for the 13 year old to use racial words

no way it was but it's a child and he's an adult , I have worked in aboriginal communities and the abuse you cop from young children there is vile and disgusting but I still love the children it's the parents that need to be punished for teaching narrow minded filthy racist opinions to their children.

That child knew exactly what they was saying and what they meant .to be honest some one had to pull that kid up cause obviously the parent hasn't and didn't and as someone who grew up in a aboriginal community and came to the city to get a better education. Adam Goode is a role model to a lot of young people he shows even though your different you can still make something of yourself but instead of being applaud a 13 year old still rubbished him

so we should belittle the aboriginal kids growing up and abusing white people ? or should we help them ?
careful now .

Wtf are you on about? the aboriginal kids are already being belittled .

I'm saying you think it's ok to belittle a white 13 year old for being racist , so do you think it's ok to belittle a aboriginal 13 year-old for being racist ?

Everyone is giving Goodes **** for whatever but what about the kid or the kids parents nothing is being done about that and for black kids being belittled by white people they don't have to be racist to white people for that to happen

did you answer my question ? if it's ok to belittle white racist kids in your eyes , is it ok to belittle aboriginal kids for being racist ?

or could it be that all kids need help to un learn repugnant racist ideals and not to be publicly shamed by an adult ?

he didn't belittle the kid he called the kid out and tried to educate the kid answer my question how is that belittling ?

that is the definition of belittling.
you are no better than the racist 13 year-old only your racism is directed at whites , you should be ashamed .

Hahah me racist to White people cause I don't agree with a kid racially abusing a aboriginal okay sure no worries .but mate would you like it if i came to your job and racially abused you? Because that's what happen to Adam he is being paid to play footy so that makes it his job and there are laws in place about racially abusing someone at work he had the right to press charges but he gave that kid the benefit of the doubt something that your not giving him ! And when the kid was asked to leave by security (not Adam he is not their boss ) the kid was the only one that got up and left the kid parents was no where to be seen .So tell me if Adam is such a ***** for what happened why did the kid apologise ? And why did he accept the apology and say it's not her fault she still has a lot to learn ? And why didn't he press charges when he was asked by the police ?
Your the racist for not knowing the whole story all you know is that a black man was mean to a white kid .

you come across as a very uneducated and have still failed to answer any questions posed to you , in my work in aboriginal communities if I tried to publicly shame a aboriginal child that called me a white **** it would be me that is doing wrong but because Adam is black it's ok ? obviously the kid is a moron that was racist to him but it wasn't his place to discipline the child just like it's not mine to discipline young aboriginal kids running the streets being racist to whites miss the point completely ...just answer my question ; is it ok to publicly make an example of indigenous children being racist to white adults the way Adam did to the white kid ?

In your work of aboriginal communities you should of educated the aboriginal kids to know that it's not okay to use racial slurs you could of made a different but you kept your mouth shut you should of spoke up about that cause now those aboriginal kids thinks it's okay RACSIM is not okay at all even if it's a black kid being racist . Before you have your say on anything find out the whole facts how did he discipline the child ? Did he hit the child ? Did he tell the kid to leave ? No he didn't the security told the kid to leave all he did was speak up about being racially abused so the next time someone is being racially abused we should shut up because it's a kid ? I would want to let them know it's not okay to do that cause RACSIM shouldn't exist at all I hope that answers your question

no you didn't answer the question at all. Could you imagine if a white professional sportsman reprimanded a black child in public . In my work the kids being racist towards us is the least of our worries , in communitys where child abuse is the norm and drug addiction , alcoholism, unemployment are rife being called a white **** by an uneducated aboriginal is water off a ducks back , just like it should of been off Adams , no one supports racism especially in sport and the logic that the booing is racially motivated is flawed when you see other indigenous players not getting booed and other white players being booed . We won't ever agree on the goodes saga but at least we agreed on racism is unacceptable .
all the best .xxx

I have been a kid who have been humiliated in public by an adult because of my skin I know how that kid feels like and also know how Adam feels when your trying to mind your own business and someone thinks they can saying something about you because you got black skin I see both sides to the story do you ? And about the problems in aboriginal communities it also happens to white people too actually to people all over the world I can't believe you couldn't educate aboriginal kids about RACSIM that's pretty bad . What was your job description ? And why aren't you still doing ? If you don't mind me asking cause your coming across like it was a bad experience for you and I am really sorry if it was cause not all aboriginals fit the stereotype in not trying to sound like a **** I'm am generally interested about your experience in the community

sorry to be blunt but when a kid is 5 year-old and has s.t.d 's , brain damage from sniffing glue whose parents think it's ok teaching them about racism takes a back seat to survival. My work was with social services and the racism inflicted by the indigenous on whites is severe and accepted in these communities.
in saying that I've worked alongside many great indigenous and live with a indigenous colleague who also happens to deplore the way goodes has behaved. I treat anyone on merit not race and just because someone is aboriginal I won't give them a pass on being a d head , that would be racist.

There was point In life when this didn't happen at all in communities aboriginals didn't create alcohol and drugs and glue aboriginal created culture and law that's all we had . and then the stolen generation happened and these kids parents are the ones that went through it all so all these kids know is what had happened to their parents and their parents parents so yeah these kids are gonna be angry at white people because actions speak louder than words what has happened to aboriginal had ****** with their heads completely and now all they need is help about everything cause it's been negative since day one and it is still negative it's not as bad as it was but its still there and it still hurts and then the whole apology came along and that was a great thing but your action speak louder than words there are reason to why these people are like that and they need help and they also need to learn about RACSIM but you have to admit they have a pretty good damn reason to be angry

not at me they don't .

ohh you mean because I'm white ?
that sounds racist to me

Omg don't get dramatic I'm not pointing the finger but can you even put yourself in their shoes at all ? Being taken from your parents for years causes for the colour of your skin? Being beaten and being told it's okay and then told it's not okay cause you have different coloured skin ? Having your family member raped or killed? All because of your skin colour ? . No human has to go through that **** right ? This isn't about you this is about a race that was given a ****** hand cause they are different and now being judged because somewhere through all that bullshit they got abit ****** up . And as for you When those kids called you those name you should of educated them show them that it's different now how do they know it's not okay to say those words to you if you don't tell them it's not they need to learn you had a opportunity and you waisted that

Lols you have no idea , I was there to remove the kids from their own parents who were raping them and giving them drugs , the kids were brain damaged and diseased with 20 years of therapy in front of them to hopefully prevent them from becoming another statistic...I could put aside their personal opinion of me to help them , unlike Adam goodes I recognised it was just a child's learnt opinion from their parents repulsive views on race and not the child's fault and continued with my job like a professional , just as almost anyone with half a brain would .

I have no idea? I lived that life ! you are applaud for helping kids like that cause no one helped me .but how are you mixing Adam Goodes with kids being raped and given drugs ? But hey your probably not a racist and I never implied you was and I don't think you are . So since I'm uneducated and if you was ever my teacher that would probably be a true fact. so please educated me on this question Why did security tell the 13 year old to leave? Again if you didn't understand me I will repeat myself . WHY did SECURITY tell the girl to leave ?

what I'm saying is it was not his place to publicly shame a kid who had been taught disgusting views , if he had of privately contacted the girl met her as a person and educated her about aboriginal culture which by the way is amazingly beautiful I think it might have changed her life which she could of then shared with her family and it could of made a real difference.
She was asked to leave because of racist comments she made , I have no problem with that only problem is the way goodes reacted

The war dance is apart of aboriginal culture but you wasn't happy about that. Do you think that the network it was on should be responsible for that since she is a child ? also including security could of waited until the game played on ? The only
Issue you have is that she was a kid right ?

I don't think a war dance directed at opposition crowd is appropriate , obviously they are going to give it back to him .
Goodes called her the face of racism , it's a child for God sake and totally out of line .
My issues are he shouldn't of shamed a child , yes .
He's not the only player being booed , but he is the only aboriginal being booed it's hardly race related .
I feel sorry for the bloke he seems to be struggling mentally and aboriginal people need the goodes, mundines, inglis, freemans, persistent-kneebones, the list goes on but if racism towards aboriginals was prevalent in Australian sport why is he the only one being booed ( mundine aside I think his heart is in the right place but has said some silly stuff , I do however think he's a great role model and has used the hate against him to achieve so much rather than being a sook

Do you know what the war dance represents culturally ? . The only reason you should be saying he shouldn't have done it is because he didn't do it properly . What I don't understand is why she apologised in the first place then? And why hasn't her family stood up and said something ? I don't think she is the face of RACSIM and but you also have to take in consideration that the media played a big part in it too as for another indigenous sports player well Cathy freeman was ridiculed for running with the aboriginal flag after she won the 400m and then she was told it was a possibility she would be ******** at her medals if she did it again . Nicky winmar and Gilbert madams faced a crowd that was taunting then with racist remarks and it continued for years when he said he was black and proud .

You don't understand why she apologised?
Having been singled out in front of a stadium full of people and basically called a racist by Goodes, what choice did she have.
She should have apologised. What she said was racially motivated. But the way he went about it was what has people up in arms about it.
Calling out a young girl in front of a stadium full of people, calling her the face of racism, the humiliation and notoriety that 13 year old girl had thrust upon her for using a term that in all fairness she probably didn't think about and didn't fully understand the weight of is a bit unfair.
Yes, it is unfair that Goodes has to sit through these comments made about him and the people booing him, but as an adult and as a role model to others shouldn't he have handled the situation differently?

Tell me the comments he's made hasn't caused a divide in an already teetering country? As a role model and as someone with some pulling power, he could use that to properly educate people. Not give cause to the divide.

There is reverse racism at play here, but all anyone ever focuses on is what the white person does to the black person.
NEVER the other way around.

So your saying that Goodes is in the wrong and that its reverse RACSIM because someone racially abused him and all he did was point out to security and told them what was said ? Security made the decision to kick her out! the media made the decision to make it public! The police ask goose if he wanted to press charges and he said NO . Handled it different ? Please please please tell me how he should of did it ?
Reverse RACSIM ? Oh did Goodes racial abuse her after she abused him?
Now let's look at this from a point where race isn't involved

Goodes get paid to play footy so we call that his job right?
Mean comment was made to Goodes by a paying customer
So we call that harassment and bullying in the work place right?

BTW this happen years ago get over it they have .

It's apart of their dance after the man has been through law please tell me your indigenous

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fair enough

I am very anti racism, and by that I oppose discrimination in exactly the same way that I oppose "the race card" being played. If we are all equal then there is absolutely no reason to play "the race card" the way Adam Goodes has done for years.

I totally agree,the last time I looked Australia was a free country and a democracy,I refuse to be dictated to by bleeding hearts,if I want to boo a footballer or any other person in the public eye then I damn well will,it doesn't matter whether they are white,black,brindle or purple if they act like a plonker they deserve what they get,Goodes is a champion player and I respect his skill but he has bought this on himself by his antics and it's about time the media wised up,he's playing them for fools.Grow up Adam and you will gain respect instead of infamy.

Totally agree, he does a war dance directed at another clubs fans and expects that there wont be a back lash , I wont be dictated to on who I can and cannot cheer or boo , race doesn't come into it , I hate Boomer Harvey as well, boo him as much as Goodes , he made a rod for his own back , now he can wear it.

he engaged the crowd with his 'war dance ' now he doesn't want interaction ?
He's the biggest sook in sport , how ironic that people are calling booers racist but those same people ask the booing to cease because goodes is black ...Lols..