Black Fella White Fella

This song from the Warumpi Band deserves an airing here... just in case some fellow Australians haven't heard it:

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Or at least up there in the national pantheon of songs that Australians get all funny about. :) I like to think that in the nearer future we won't need to hear the key messages of this song and as an anthem it would seem dated and unnecessary!

I Love this song, Midnight Oil also did a cover with the Warumpi Band but this is the best version<br />
<br />
maybe It should be our National Anthem?

Yeah! I had a Coloured Stone album, and the original Yothu Yindi Homelands album. Used to hear Archie Roach everywhere, and Kev Karmody too back then. I think I'd heard that about George - very sad. From what I've read (the Neil Murray book) he wasn't 100% comfortable with the whole rock star lifestyle, despite being really talented :)

george rrurrumba...the lead singer passed away in '07....he had bone was a very sad day indeed....i will get some links of some good modern stuff i know....most of the fellas have gone into rappin......have you heard of archie roach or coloured stone.....they are 90's fellas<br />

Hi Jinda! I made a group for that song: <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> You'd better share that version of Zorba :-) Goodness only knows what group it'd belong in.... I enjoyed all the rest of the Warumpi stuff as well - bought their albums back in the day - and a few other things I could find back then - but haven't really been keeping track since early 90s.

thanks roj...they are my favourite have you heard them do island home...check that out to.....there is some great aboriginal music and some funny stuff but it never makes it to mainstream...have you seen the blackfellas doin ''zorba the greek'' this is classic you have to see that<br />

Maybe I should have put it in the 'I am not Australian' group ;-)

HAHAHAHA Must be an Aussie thing, I remember this from primary school

im not australian never heard the song or band=/

LV! I don't think this is an exclusive group - please interrupt away. I'm just not sure how many Australian had heard this and figured it was the best place to put it for that.

Oh! this was a post for Australians! Sorry to interrupt.