But No One Told My Family

i never really had fiends.i stayed at home .i hate going anywhere.and i was scared around people i did not know.i was late learning all the simple things,like tieing my shoes,dressing myself.my mom would not let me run my own bath water because i always had it way to hot. she was the only one i really talked to.i played with stuffed animals,and could not sleep without my teddy.and if things were moved around i was completely dumbfounded.i wanted to be like other kids,but i just couldn`t.as some of the other stories here,i talked to myself.i did the rocking thingy.it is so cold having autism .i can`t be close to anyone.my mom has to help me with doctors because i clam up.and i still have my teddy.
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1 Response Feb 20, 2011

I really appreciate you writing this story...so thank you for your words. I have an autistic son...he is 5 years old...he'll be 6 in May and I wonder everyday what he is going to like when he grows up. He has delayed speech and language skills...he is snuggly and cuddly when he wants to be...but otherwise he loves to run and crash into the couch...he doesn't have gentle hands so when he gets overly excited...he hits..not with the intent hurt...but he seems to have so much energy inside that needs to come out...and doesn't have the words to express how he feels. <br />
My boy also rocks himself to sleep...he has this hum he does which he finds vey soothing...he doesn't like tv and ounce...i think the not knowing what people are saying just makes for extra-noise and stimulation. <br />
You have wonderful words to express yourself...i really appreciate you writing this...thank you. You have given me hope...