How Narrow-minded Can People Be???

I have just seen this:

"Wouldn't it be lovely if Autism only lasted for one month?"

Geez. Lovely indeed. If this read "Wouldn't it be lovely if being gay/black/whatever only lasted for a month" these people would be sued. Why is it OK to write something like that about autism.

Autism is not a processing error. It's a different operating system.

Many famous people and "genuises" have, or were suspected to have, an autistic spectrum condition.

What about acceptance?

I have a much better caption for this. "Wouldn't it be lovely if autism awareness and acceptance lasted THE WHOLE YEAR?"
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I'm on the spectrum and I'm glad of it. I've had to face challenges as a result, but a huge amount of those challenges were because the people around me didn't understand the condition or weren't aware of it. I have a different way of perceiving the world than neurotypical people, and find myself being curious of those differences. It would be interesting to view it in the same way as them - but only for a short time, and only so I can understand how the comparison works. I would never want to be "cured" of the condition, because that would make me into a different person - and not necessarily a better one.<br />
<br />
Having said that, I think the slogan you quoted is clumsily worded, rather than offensive. Perhaps taken out of context. I'm not inclined to get upset by it at this point and would need to know more about the intent of the person who originally coined it before I could come to an opinion on that.

I agree, we don't need to be "cured". And I guess you're right, maybe it's just clumsy wording. I just wish people thought carefully about what they say (or write).

I HATE AUTISM because of it i get treated like a lower life form i get bullied harasse dluckily i have 1 very good amazing friend who sticks up for me i suppose its better i have it thatn some other preson getting bulleid because of it.

I feel your pain. This is definitely a controversial subject! But what do people now in 2012 perceive Autism to be? There are complications with it. I get that.....but as modern technology and science have come our way, Autism awareness has been able to spread. Long ago (okay 1950s) era some point Autistic people were locked away because psychiatrists thought it to be some form of insanity....remember the "plate spinners?" Spinning a plate around with your's how it was explained to me. I am autistic too. Was diagnosed at age 9. I have some of these quirks. Autism isn't a bad thing, but if there is no family support, and your parents don't know how to help you because they cannot understand you, maybe they are not informed. Maybe they think back to the plate spinning days and are in a little denial, so maybe they wish Autism only lasted a month. But it doesn't. There is no cure. And why should there be? Autism is what makes me me. Without it, I wouldn't be interested in such fascinating things like world history, ancient Mayans, etc....

I agree. It's part of who we are and it doesn't make us second-class people.

For me, autism hurts a lot. I've been threated differently like I was lower than the "normal" people, ignored, hated and laughed at. When I was in pain it didn't matter because autistic people are sensitive etc. When somebody says I'm autistic (even if it's true) it just hurts. No, I'm not happy being autistic but it's just what I am so I try to accept it. There really are some autistic people that wish they didn't have it.

I understand, but it looks like the main reason you suffered is because people were prejudiced against you. So it's their fault really.

Mmm, I get your point I guess. I have heard an autistic speaker, called Ros Blackburn, who openly says, "I hate being autistic". But I think acceptance is crucial, including self-acceptance.