Autistic Awarness + Popular Game = An Addictive Combo!

I have always been such a fan of mystery murder type games for the computer. I don't play any others besides the Sims, which I am also addicted to. But sometimes I do get bored with playing the Sims, so I have to turn to some murder and action mysteries, and the Big Fish Games are able to satisfy that need :)

I used to play a lot of Nancy Drew mysteries when they first game out with them, I was addicted. I was very young back then anyways, and there wasn't much else to choose from. When I was younger I couldn't play the teen rated games that involved sexual content and violence. I didn't know about sex back then, and my mother didn't want me to become aware of it through a video game. Especially since it had to do with mystery, she was afraid I would think sex was mysterious and fun, like I thought of my games, thus making me become sexually active. Well, that has not happened. I am not sexually active, nor have I ever been! I'm a good girl, and I respect God's plan for me. I am very proud to be a virgin, especially at almost 20 years old! :) Anyways....(random fact of the day)

Ok, so I used to play a lot of Nancy, right? Well, I don't like a lot of the socialization that is involved with it, like I don't like talking to Bess and George....I don't like interviewing suspects, I don't like talking to anyone really, in game or in real life. So I quit with the Nancy Drew games, partly because of the socialization, and also because I didn't feel like I was able to work at my own pace. I was so dire and determined to solve the mystery, that I didn't give myself any time. I always felt so rushed. Also, the puzzles that were involved were a little above my level, sorry for those of you that can do those kind of things, complicated puzzles and such, awesome for you, but I can tend to be a bit of a simpleton ;)

So, I threw my hands up in frustration, and thus decided to quit. But I wasn't done with the mystery game saga just yet....

An event took place last week that has compelled me to share another story with you. I was buying a birthday present for a friend of mine at work, and my mom told me I could get myself another mystery game. I like to play the games from Big Fish, (a mystery company) and they are so cheap. About nine dollars on average compared to the more pricier mysteries out there! And, the graphics are intriguing and amazing. They are such beautiful games. Many of them have a lot to do with gore and death, which I HAVE to HAVE in a mystery game. No, I'm not sadistic, I just love stuff like that (not in real life) OK....there we go again, sorry but I love America's Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries....:D

So, I play the Big Fish games, and I got a new one last week called Redemption Cemetery Curse of the Raven. Well, on the second mystery I had to solve, I had to discover the culprit responsible for killing an elderly woman. I went into her house, and solved the mystery piece by piece, finding hidden objects, solving puzzles, and what really made me smile inside and out, was when I clicked on one of her pictures, her ghost came to me and said "that was my son....he is autistic...." She said he didn't talk much, or open up much to her, but he enjoyed spending time with the gardener, who used to be a boat man. She said her son was obsessed with boats. And although he didn't talk much, or be too social able with her, he loved the gardener, and loved learning more and more about boats. He knew basically everything there was to know about boats she said. Before she said this, I felt like quitting the game because I was going no where. It was a little challenging to solve the mystery of who killed her, and it was getting late. I was almost ready to give up. But when I found out her son had autism, I tightened my boot straps and got the strength to carry on! I had to solve this mystery....for her son :)

Imagine someone was responsible for killing your mother? Sure, my mother and I don't talk too much. I don't like conversing with anyone, (except my boyfriend, really) my boyfriend and I just have a different kind of connection than my mother and I do. It doesn't mean I love her any less. But, even though we live in the same house, we don't talk much. But it made me think, I'm autistic (excuse me) I'm not Autistic because no one can BE Autistic :) I HAVE Autism....Autism doesn't HAVE me!! ;) Well, imagine if I were in this guys shoes, and someone killed my mother? I would be worried and scared, and probably have a nervous breakdown because I would not know who was responsible for this. I don't know what I'd do but cry, and worry. I certainly wouldn't be able to talk to anyone, my heart would be crushed. I would be shattered! My childhood doctor, who I had been seeing since I was a baby, died several years ago. Her son and I grew up together. Her son has Autism. He has a different form of Autism than I do, he's a tad more of a "flapper" ;) I don't flap so much....he is not sociable at all. Well, I went to his mother's funeral, (she had died from cancer) my mother and I both attended the funeral at my old church....I came up to pay my respects and say my goodbyes to my former doctor, and the life was gone from her son's eyes. There was nothing there. His face was expressionless. He wasn't crying. He just stood there, like a statue. It was as if he had died too.

He is like me, normally he will not allow anyone to touch him. He would shy away. But he let me shake his hand....
I can't imagine how it feels to lose a parent. Especially if you have autism. Some people say that we autistic handle death and tragic situations differently than others....I don't know how much of this is true. People say we have a hard time accepting death, like we know that the death occurred, but it's like it is still unreal to us. Like our brain can't process it fully. I find a little truth in that, because I lost my grandpa last August. My grandpa was the only person in the world I could talk to, and not feel like I was being judged. My grandpa was my everything, he was my best friend in the whole world. To me, my grandpa will never be dead. He's I can feel him around sometimes, and it makes me feel safe. To me, he's not dead....he's just "on vacation" He's on vacation in Alaska, because he always wanted to go there, and he never was able to. He is in Alaska and that is why he has not come back home yet. I know that this isn't true....I know he is in heaven with God, but it makes me feel comfort believing in some way that my grandpa is still here.

But when we were at the funeral, it was like....that wasn't my grandpa laying there in the coffin. That wasn't was like that guy was a wax figure, and my grandpa and him just got their business mixed up. The wax guy that smelled of preservatives wasn't my grandpa....he just wasn't my grandpa....he couldn't be my grandpa....but he was my grandpa....all the life was out of him, he was like a statue. He was so cold to the touch. I thought I saw him breathe again, I kept hoping he would wake up, and get out of the coffin....but God doesn't work that way. It was my grandpa in there. I had to accept that.

Anyways....the game Redemption Cemetery Curse of the Raven is definitely a game I would recommend. The first story is a little long (you have to rescue a little girl from a house fire, that her father has died in) ...sad....but after that you get to solve the mystery of who killed the boy with autism's mother. It is so worth the wait. I am proud to say that I solved the mystery of her death Friday night a little before has such a wonderful ending :)

Autism awareness in a popular mystery series? Who would have thought :)
gooberndpeanut gooberndpeanut
18-21, F
May 13, 2012