My ex is freaking out now. He doesn't even get why though because he's a repressed white dude.
He tells me he loves me and calls me pet names even though I told him to stop.
I told him today that I love him and I don't think it will ever stop. "Not saying that I'm trying to get back together with you." Is what I added.
Didn't expect anything to happen really. He got really upset over it though and don't get why. He always does this. He can say whatever he wants but I can't.
He said like "you tell me this now?! After we break up? Why?"
Eh I didn't see the point of defending myself. But I said that I did tell him several times. He wasn't listening though.
He knows I'm autistic and verbalizing is hard so why is he surprised that I would text him this? I called him to say that I did tell him and I don't know why he has forgotten. I told him he spent most of our relationship picking up on my non verbal stuff. But somehow missed that I loved him. How? I asked "why didn't you ask me? I would've written it down for you." He just kept saying, "I don't remember. I didn't see it." He rather be mad at me. He rather be alone forever reconstructing his house.
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Reconstructing ? You didn't trash the house did you :( meltdown ? Or if I'm wrong and he's building a house then I think you mean constructing or if he's telling a fib about building a house it's called fabrication . As in prefab . We have houses that in the Uk. Their kit built on site from flimsy materials but like the USA jeeps last heaps length of time :)