Bad Day At Work, Cried, And Wished It Would Snow The Next Day

I had already had a verbel warning for something I did not do, just because other workers on the line I was working put the wrong labels on the wrong things, everybody that had been working on that line was sent into a office, and got told off, that is not all, this week I was coding cartons on a rushed job, accidentally put cartons into the sleeve to be coded, double coded them, 1 of my supervisors, saw what I did, then asked why did I do it, I replied" the coder was going too fast" then she said"It has got to be that fast" that worried me, then I over coded 300 cartons, then sent into the office again but this time on my own, got asked"why did you do it ?" I tried to explain what happened  and make the person understand, then I worried the rest of the day, cried when I got to town waiting for my connection, got home carried on crying, my parents worried about me, felt so bad about it that I hoped it would snow enough so I could not get to work.:(

46-50, F
4 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I can understand how u felt..most times i wish it could rain.somehow it makes me feel better.hugs

Thankyou for your comments you always cheer me up.

I think your job sounds pretty stressful, Tracey. Don't be so hard on yourself.<br />
Sorry it didn't snow for you either. Everybody needs a snow day, once in awhile.<br />
Hope you can enjoy the weekend :-)

Aw Tracey..we all make mistakes..even at work.I'm sure that you were just having a bad day as you say.Hold your head up and start all over again with a new will get better.<br />