Haven't Been Here Very Long, But . . . .

I've been a member at EP for only a few months and I have come to a few 'conclusions' of my own:

  • EP is whatever YOU want it to be

  • Why bother commenting on someone's story if you don't have something nice to say?

  • Seriously? Putting other people's EP names in the title of your own story/group - only to then bash them?! I'm all for the 'fan' groups and any positive contribution on here, but there is so much negativity to wade through.

  • There are a ton of really wonderful people on here ♥

  • Some of them may even 'collect' friends, but how is you judging them based soley on that not being discriminatory?

For now, I plan to continue to read, write, and respond in as positive of a manner as I can :)
teach82 teach82
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 14, 2010

it WOULD be nice if there were no negativity. keep on keeping on...lol