Avoiding Negativity...

The only way to really avoid negativity is to surround yourself with positivity. It may seem like the world is full of negativity, and there is no hope for a brighter world, but that is only the way they want us to feel. Who is they? The media, the government, corporations, etc, etc. If we were always aware of the white love and light that we are made of, they would have no defense against us. The problem is that we are born into the cycle of negativity. When we are born, they decide we are to be identified as a number, and they make us go to their schools, learn about how amazing our government is, how we should never think of living anywhere else, pay taxes, eat their processed food, get sick and take their medicine, get a job, pay more taxes, watch their propoganda, have children, give them a number, send them to their schools.........the cycle will never end unless we wake up. Everything that God gave us on this planet they destroy. Our beautiful plants and trees, they chop down to make room, or to make useless things, they torture our animals, injecting them with unnatural hormones, making them live like they are already dead, beating and slaughtering them. They pin us against eachother, teach us to kill, hand us the weapons. They tell us that one color is better than the other, that anyone different must go, is not allowed. How is this humane? Is this what God wanted for us? Or did one power happy person go astray, and others, blinded by materialistic wants, follow them and repopulate this beautiful world into one negativity manufacturing corporation? Let me tell you this, no matter what they do to us, or how much negativity they feed us, they can never win. All it takes is for you to remember who you are, you are so much more than this. When their bodies die on them from old age, or eachother, they will be the lost ones, the powerless. You can get your positivity back, it is you that holds the key. You own the power. Never give up your positivity. Sometimes, we all feel down, we all have bad days, but is it really easier to give in to all of the darkness, and be eternally in the grasp of negativity, or is it worth it to just push on some more, and discover you can have anything you ever wanted. You have the power to get what you want, you have the power to break away. Dream big, and keep moving forward :)
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Beautiful thoughts. Idealistic, unrealistic, but beautiful!

you are a true angel <br />
GOD bless you <br />
all the love to you and your friends

It does seem like some kind of fairytale doesn't it? People who are always positive and think there will always be good outcomes even out of a negative situation do seem crazy, don't they? But let me ask you this...what harm does positive thinking really impose? Negative thinking begets negative results, so if you completely change your way of thinking, what could happen then? Most people would say you just get disappointed, but that is negative thinking clouding the positive. The only reason bad things happen is because you have trained yourself to only think bad things should happen. It's a vicious cycle; one that most of the world is engulfed in.

I wish positivity was practical. It's just a bunch of empty words to me. I wish "thinking happy thoughts" could really do something besides distract me from reality. I wish that humans weren't the way they are. Let's keep dreaming, dreamers! I don't agree with the system, either.

I have these kinds of thoughts all of the time. It's not really practical to stop working, unless you go off the grid. I work at mcdonald's and I talk every day about how much I hate corporations, even though I'm standing in one of the biggest. I do think we need to experience some extent of negativity, but the trick is not to get lost in it, or else we will be drowning in a sea of negativity...