I'm Doing the "Un-popular" Thing...

...and I'm writing about something that isn't negative...

...something, anything.

I noticed that a majority of the top stories on Experience Project that have the most views happen to have negative content. Fascinating...

Well I just thought I'd add my voice to the 30 or so here that dare to avoid negativity! :-))) 

The funny thing is that I really strive for that in my life... when I get down, it's grounds to get back up... I have my low points, but when it happens, I'm alert to find a pretty flower or a funny movie or to coerce my son to make me laugh so that I immediately get out of the funk.  Icky stuff happens and it's okay to fall down, but you gotta get back up.

Well for all you positive types out there and like-minded souls, I have a few Exp. Project blog postings that you may find of interest - not very many - but please stop in for some un-negativity. ;-)

I'm also having a "favorite children's book of spring" contest and anyone who likes children's books, feel free to nominate a fave - it's at the blog.  

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Hey thanx for sharing your perspective on this. Whatever it takes to help another to get past those rough spots is very cool! And you know what, you're right - the only way there is to go is up when you're down... that's the cool thing about it... I had a guy that I used to work with who would say, you know when things were bad, "**** it, they can't eat cha". :-p Kind of like, hey, it could be worse...

amen rosie. :)

Hi AmyJo! I'm glad you left a comment here --- you know it reminds me of how it's very important to vent and get another's insight in order to gain perspective on a situation. I've had my down moments too - no doubt about it... (I have 2 kids and sometimes even they make me wanna pull my hair out!) .. so yeah it's great to let off steam and write it out or walk it out or whatever it takes, and if it helps someone in the process - yay! And you're right - life isn't always going to be so bad and well no matter how bad it is, something can always be done about it... no matter how big or how small. :)

Sadness and even anger are not always negative things. I feel like alot of my stories could initially be perceived as negative or sad and some of them are I suppose but they were written with a purpose. The purpose was not to bring anybody down but to hopefully help someone that was going through the same situation feel less alone and isolated. Unfortunately in my life for every happy story there is a sad one. And if I can share my sad ones to make another alittle happier than it is far from negative :) I do understand that there are chronically negative/ pessimistic people out there but this is usually the result of some emotional suffering that they are going through. Thankfully there are people out there that are willing to see through their sadness and discontent and be willing to help show them how to get back to the light, that it is not all darkness and doom! And seeing happy people like you gives us hope and proof that life is not always going to be so bad! :) Thanks!

Hi Freee spirit! Thanx for your comment... I like how you added "new woman" to my last name --- that's cool. :) I used to get teased on that in elementary --- the fact that I'm a "new man" as opposed to a "new woman". Glad to hear from you. :)

Hey cjpsf5 --- I'd like to read your story... but couldn't find it... can you message me a link or tell me the name of it? Thanx!

and by always being a positivity junkie always trying to put a positive spin on things you lose 90% of your empathy, you fail to understand human emotions and the reasonable thought time it takes to get over the anger sadness depression or whatever they are feeling due to situation X <br />
<br />
you are the type of person who goes oh your life is falling apart around your ears? but the sun is shining (something totally unrelated to the distressng situation) <br />
<br />
you feel unloved and alone? but the birds are sining the flowers are blooming too bad what the person needs is some actual human conact <br />
<br />
the day to day genrally negatve person gets the full brunt of this thinking when they don't see the glass as half full maybe not even half empty but half of something that should be whole <br />
<br />
someone who is sick of the be greatful speil that has them bieing greatful for systems that don't work a job they might as well not have because basic needs aren't even ment with it <br />
<br />
be greatful even though you work hard do right and never get anything for it not even a decent life then YOU wonder whats wrong with them <br />
<br />
while THEY look at you and wonder how can you stand the cess pool


Hey Zinco... thanx for sharing your viewpoint on this - that totally makes sense though on what you said about lifting another's spirits --- and that's actually really cool to be able to create that effect with another... I sometimes feel a bit inundated by all of the bad news out there between the mass media and things you hear about on the block --- there's really quite a bit of it --- it's very nice to spot that flower though - and appreciating it... and I really LOOOOVE Exp Project for the inspiring things I've read - it's really great to read what other people have to say on such a cool grass-roots level... don't get me wrong... it just seemed to be a plethora of sad stories that I kept seeing earlier today for some reason... :-)

You're right Tulick - there's a degree of confrontation that has to take place... you can't run away or avoid negative situations - they are part of life... that's what balance is all about... it's important to address those points and those "harsh reality" type things that occur (I've had my fair share of them)... but in my experience, it's all about learning from those situations and gaining something and seeing it in a positive light, so as to be better equipped to avoid the negative situation in the future...I hope that makes sense. :-p

It may seem negative, but the responses are very positive and supportive. I really enjoy helping people out and I think that is very positive. When someone is depressed etc...they don't see the flower etc....that you do, but they do need someone to point it out for them.<br />
There are lots of funny and positive stuff too. Some of the funniest stuff I've ever read were people's quirky things that happen to them. These are my favourite.

yes and by avoiding the negativity you miss too much of the harsh reality