Anybody care to chat?
I like videogames (ps3) reading, playing poker, animals, jokes, dumb jokes, feelings are ok, board games, disney movies, cartoons, action movies, chick flicks would probably be better with a girlfriend but I still watch one occasionally.
Handyman25 Handyman25
26-30, M
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Never played a PS3, used to have Atari. ;P
Love reading as well....from children's books to adult.
I suck at poker.
Like most animals. Do NOT like spiders or snakes.
Love board games... esp. Scrabble.Also like card games.
Dig Disney and Pixar movies. Ditto with cartoons. I don't mind a good action flick, except I'm not impressed with Pulp FIction like everyone else seems to be.

What did you say? Please tell me that was a typo. NOT impressed? You just killed me a little inside.

*pushes knife in a lil deeper* Yep, NOT impressed. :P

*squeaks and gapes*

I'll compromise with an Arnold, Stallone, Bruce Willis, or Jackie CHan flick. Or even a super hero movie. :)

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