Death Is A Part Of Life

Death is a part of life, lets face it, there is nothing more certain than death, it is the universal level-playing field; regardless of how much money you have, how much fame, how successful or how important you are it makes no difference since, at the end, you will be the same as the person who was born with nothing!   Death and Taxes, nothing more certain in life, and as such my awareness makes me want to live my life the best way I can possibly live.  That is the best legacy I can leave this life, knowing that I have treated others the way I wish to be treated, have always strived to do my best, for myself and for others, been the best daughter, grand-daughter and friend I can be, not because I am scared of my own death but because I am aware of my own mortality and just how short this wonderful thing we call life can be, I want to be the best person I can be,
lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Write on! I agree with your comments and often these words appear in my mind - especially as I grow older and seem to have more and more to do with older people - I live in a street of lovely old people (well most are lovely) but hearing of their ailments and challenges demonstrates the fragility of life. Not to mention the realisation that parents and siblings are mortal - being the youngest will I be the last of the gang to die? But then we are but dust in the wind.....

How very true my friend, we are just petals in the wind, and return to dust following our death, but thats what makes the living of our lives so much more important!! I loved your comment about your elderly neighbours and how most are lovely - this is so very true and made me smile ! May you live a long and happy life that is filled with family, friends and everything you want for yourself and that your life be truly fulfilling to you ;-)