Listen Within, and Be Connected.

...I am more aware these last few years, then I had been in my early youth. I got the gift from my Mother, she always new what was about to happen, within the family, before we ever new it was going to happen. When I was thirteen, I could tell when someone was about to die, then later in my twenties- I could predict when I was going to witness an accident. I would just know. In my later years, I decided not to inform friends and strangers of impending (did I spell it correct?) accidents- I just acted surprised...those who new of my AWARENESS gift, wanted only good news. I seldom offered them any information. Today, I focus on my own awareness's, I can make positive choices, but the outcome of these good choices are still determined by my attitude and interest to what level I desire to act upon them. I can be and have been a victim of my own awareness... I am convinced everyone has this awareness, we are all born to some degree, more or less then other's with ability to connect...How do you know if your connected in some way? You Just Know...It's not a- I can, or I will, or I have the power to know this or that- It has to do with just letting it be!...Some of you know where I'm coming from and have been...Love you all, replies are welcome...dwc 
Hikrow Hikrow
66-70, M
1 Response Jun 28, 2007

I just had a yard sale at the house we're going to's my husband's aunt's house. She's awesome, 83. Her husband died last March. The night he died, I had a dream that he was on a bus with me, looking real young and healty (he had been sick, in bad shape at that point). Then we got off the bus and I took him to another bus stop ( I knew it was only for old people)...he got on and I looked through the back window to make sure people were going to get up to make room for him. They did, and the bus drove away. I woke up to a phone call that he had passed. Maybe he wanted to make sure that I'd take care of his wife...he knew we were going to buy the house. But there wasn't any talk like that at talk, really. Why would he visit me and not her? I feel like it's unfair. My neighbor (very Aware) said some are more open to it. I feel special, but sort of bad for being the one to be visited, you know?