I See You

i am aware of the people around me, and some how love them all. each sweet scent and flavor, every beat of their heart is unique, they don't know how special they are but i do. every person his or her own mind, there own past and hopes and needs that make them who they are. who ever you are reading this, your life is for a purpose, for a person, for others. you mean more than you can know or imagine, to me, to those who can see. i have known many people and love there whole heart and soul. i'm aware of the good in people, the things that make them different, i'm aware of the bad. you may only see what's in front of you but i can see more. don't throw it away, your life means more than you know. i see your smile you hate or the one you like, i see the best in you and long to see more. who ever you are. i want to be aware of you. see your smile, your anger, your pain. let me tell you all the things i see, let me in. i want to know you, i don't care how bad, i can see who u really are.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2010