I Miss Him All the Time

Most people would say that I'm ungrateful, reason being i have a great husband he really loves me that's so clear to me and I married the person that I love more that anything but see there's a catch. His work takes him away a lot and there's nothing planned about it either.

We've been married two weeks and 3 days, today i got a call from him to say that he needs to go offshore. Hey it's his job i knew what i was getting myself into but that doesn't mean i get lonely. Also we happen to be in a foreign country for a yr and i still haven't connected with any other female friends.

So i decided to search the net and see if there where any other ladies out there that would understand and maybe just keep me company.

Hope to hear from you soon

KellyJane KellyJane
22-25, F
Aug 5, 2007