The Closeted Dolphin

I lived as a closeted dolphin for many years. I decided it was time to come out, and in the year 2004 I announced publicly that I am not really a dolphin--just a pathetic little mental patient. I hurt so many people in my life as a closeted dolphin and if there were some way for me to undo the damage I have done to others, I would. But I can't undo that damage, that pain. I must live with the fact that I lived my life as a fraud. I can only hope that going forward in life I can embrace life fully as the homo sapien that I am and show that even closeted dolphins can change -- for the better!!
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funny stuff.

Coming out of your closet and changing your behavior is a success in itself. I've had to say I'm sorry to a few people some have forgiven me others have not. I have four brothers there is only one of them that I talk to. In my case I did too much for them and they didn't learn to fend for themselves in a successful way. I have bipolar disorder and become self centered and intense when I'm cycling. Mania or depression is not to friendly relationships. It's ok to forgive yourself and change your behaviors to make yourself and others around you feel more comfortable.

you can definitely change and improve its in your control.
=) it is a choice

What does a dolphin symbolize to you?

Intellect, freedom, superiority, prowess, fearlessness, playfulness.

so are you or are you not a dolphin?

Just between us, I'm not really a dolphin. Just, please, don't tell anybody.

If only more people could be "dolphin like" it could be a beautiful world.


what an amazing story<br />
<br />
..........and a declaration of confidence to be seen for the person whom you are.<br />
<br />
maybe you are a combination<br />
<br />
............ a suppressed dolphin with some mental health issues?<br />
<br />
or<br />
<br />
.............. maybe a dolphin in the wrong setting<br />
<br />
when i see captured dolphins performing tricks, my heart bleeds for them<br />
<br />
they should be free to be true to themselves<br />
<br />
............ not swimming round, performing tricks just to entertain us.<br />
<br />
sometimes, i think that the most civilised and sophisticated humans are the biggest minsters of all - why capture animals and put them in tanks and cages. even cats and dogs, we domesticate them and bend them to our will.<br />
<br />
GGGgggggrrrr.... it makes me angry.<br />
<br />
i hope you find a way to be be true to yourself<br />
<br />
............. and happy with your life<br />
<br />
with my continued respect<br />
<br />
from robbie

Just when I thought I heard it all on EP, here comes a closeted dolphin. I wonder if there is an DSM definition for this syndrome?

CDS -- Closeted Dolphin Syndrome!

i like it!

................i like it a lot ! !

how bout you n me form a working party

...........for the exploration and greater understanding of the syndrome.

we have a name and first published use data.

"closeted dolphin syndrome":, august, 2012.

with respect, from robbie

wow WOW W O W.

flipper ..... you are a syndrome !

my friend -

................. i stand back and look on, in awe at your magnificence.

with my respect, from robbie

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