The Name Change

My thoughts and associations sometimes drift to the issue of name change. I recently wrote a blog post concerning the issue of name change.  I even dream about the issue of name change.

As it happens my family name is not really Freedman.  My father told the story that his father was born in Vilna, Lithuania with the name Pomerantz.  He adopted the name Freedman when he emigrated to the United States at about age 16.  Freedman was the name of an older male relative who brought my grandfather here.

So my name should be Gary Pomerantz.  Perhaps that explains why I have little interest in Jewish genealogy.  I have no interest in looking up relatives, direct ancestors whose name is different from mine.  It just doesn’t appeal to me to invest energy into researching the genealogy of people named Pomerantz or Freedman–since in actuality I am not even a Freedman.

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Dec 3, 2012